Article 11

Shall the Pelham School District vote to approve a three-year technology plan for the purpose of upgrading the computer technology throughout the school district, which calls for the following increase in costs:

                                       Year 2006-07   $ 183,333  

                                       Year 2007-08   $ 183,333

                                       Year 2008-09   $ 183,333

And further to raise and appropriate the sum of  ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($183,333) for the first year’s appropriation in the 2006-2007 school year. (Recommended by the Pelham School Board) (Recommended by the Pelham Budget Committee)


Originator School Board
School Board 5-0-0
Budget Committee 9-0-0
Town Meeting  

Voter's Guide Explanation

This article represents a three-year technology plan that was drafted in similar fashion to the Town’s technology plan that is currently in its third year of implementation. This plan will replace the existing infrastructure at all three schools to allow the creation of a centralized network. The three school buildings will be connected with fiber-optic cable to facilitate the reduction of server farms from three to one. In addition to infrastructure replacements, the technology located in every classroom will be replaced to bring additional value to students through the use of up-to-date technology. The first year of this plan which is represented by this warrant article will focus on Pelham Memorial School and will replace all of the existing technology at that school before the start of the 2006-2007 school year.  The Technology Plan in its entirety is available at

Backup Data

A detailed assessment of the current state of technology in the Pelham School District was drafted in late 2005 and can be accessed by going to

A current draft of the technology plan which will guide the expenditure of the funds represented in this article can be accessed by going to