Article 4

Shall the Pelham School District vote to raise and appropriate the sum of THREE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS ($350,000) for architectural and engineering fees. Said sum of money being the amount necessary to hire professional services to study a four school model, renovations and expansions for existing facilities. The architectural firm chosen will then be in charge of submitting the final model for bidding to building firms. (Recommended by the Pelham School Board) (Recommended by the Pelham Budget Committee)


Originator School Board
School Board 5-0-0
Budget Committee 9-0-0
Town Meeting  

Voter's Guide Explanation

This article provides funding for architectural and engineering fees of $300,000 to provide the District with schematic drawings of a new high school on a new piece or property and $50,000 for schematic drawings to convert the current high school to a school for grades 7 & 8 only.

This article will allow for the in-depth study and planning necessary for a four school model for the Pelham schools in a departure from the current three school model. In the four school model, grades 1-4 will be at Pelham Elementary School, grades 5-6 will be at Pelham Memorial School, grades 7-8 will be at the current site of Pelham High School, and grades 9-12 will be relocated at a new high school to be located at an undetermined location.

Backup Data

Over the past several years, the Pelham School Board has learned that no one plan to solve the population growth factor in our schools will be accepted by the voters without clear evidence of proper due diligence and firm costs. In order to move forward, the Pelham School Board has reached a point where it is necessary to hire an architectural firm. Funds need to be secured to study a 4-school model vs. renovations and expansions. The architectural firm chosen will then be in charge of submitting the final model for bid to building firms.

These studies and designs will clearly show the cost associated with building a new high school and renovating the existing high school to serve students in grades 7 & 8 versus additions or renovating the current high school and building additions on Pelham Memorial School and on Pelham Elementary School. The school board will interview no less than three architects.