Article 18

Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate the sum of $35,000.00 to complete the third year of the town wide computer technology plan? (Recommended by Selectmen) (Recommended by Budget Committee)


Originator Board of Selectmen
Board of Selectmen 5-0-0
Budget Committee 10-0-0
Town Meeting no changes made during the Deliberative session

Voter's Guide Explanation

This warrant proposes to fund the 3rd year of a 3 year technology refresh plan for the Municipal buildings.  Year 3 of the plan completes the purchase of standardized hardware, software, networking and server components used to operate Town functions.  Year 1 refreshed the Municipal Center, Year 2 refreshed the Police and Fire Departments, and Year 3 will focus on the Library, Senior Center, Transfer Station, Highway Dept and server components.

Backup Data

Technology Plan Accomplishments

2006 Plan

  • Refresh remaining Library PCs
  • Refresh Sr. Center PCs
  • Refresh Fire Station fire fighter PCs used to do call response reports
  • Refresh Transfer Station PC
  • Upgrade Power Distribution Units (PDU) in MB and Police computer rooms
  • Replace 8 year old APC Backup units (batteries wont hold a charge)

2005 Accomplishments

  • Refreshed Police file server to Microsoft 2003
  • Refresh 17 obsolete Police PCs, replacing Windows 98 systems
  • Refresh 4 Fire Department PCs (front office) main purpose for interoperability with Police Dispatch software
  • Work with Library Trustees to continue to extend life of existing systems until 2006
  • Replaced 2 failed printers at Library
  • All file servers are now MS 2003
  • MB, Police, Fire, and most Library systems have been upgraded to Windows XP SP2

2004 Accomplishments

  • Refreshed all Municipal Building (MB) PCs to Windows XP and Office 2003
  • Redeployed 3 systems to the Sr. Center, replacing Windows 95 systems
  • Refreshed 5 systems in the Library, replacing Windows 95 systems
  • Implemented CTC fractional T1 for reliable data communications, will be migrating to Adelphia
  • Implemented two Netscreen firewalls for network protection
  • Implemented multi-mode fiber between MB, Police, Fire and Library
  • Implemented Veritas backup server that backs ups server reliably
  • Implemented HP LaserJet printer for Planning Department
  • Replaced HP LaserJet printer for Assessor, old one died
  • Established a designated computer room in the Municipal Building
  • Established a designated computer room in the Police Station
  • Implemented structured wiring within Municipal Building, Police Station and Library
  • Implemented 5 Microsoft 2003 servers
    • Primary domain controller in MB
    • File/Print server in MB
    • Dedicated backup server in MB
    • Library server in MB
    • Fire Department server in MB
  • Implemented updated PC Anywhere PC for external Vision and BMSI support
  • Implemented three Cisco Cat 5000 10/100 switches for high performance networking

2003 Technology Plan

  • Completed Town wide technology plan
  • Established Technology Advisory Committee
  • Established PC standards, RFP bidding process completed, awarded to Dell
  • Presented to BUDCOM, agreed to split refresh over 3 year period
  • Requested $35k technology warrant for 2004 ballot

2002 Draft Technology Plan

  • Completed town wide inventory
  • Completed Town wide data security and technology assessment
  • Establish PC standards

IT Projects

  • General Projects
    • Correct power problems with ACP UPS systems and power distribution
    • MS Exchange bring email in-house, common calendar, contacts, email distribution
    • MS Sharepoint further development of an intranet to provide a single location to store electronic documents
    • Sr. Center WAN connection phone, video DVR and internet
    • DVR system extension at MB, Sr. Center, Transfer Station, PVMP, Muldoon, Raymond Park
  • Library
    • Public access wireless
    • More Athena web services enabled (no cost)
  • Planning Department
    • Building Permit system currently running on SCO Unix to MuniSmart in process
    • GPS planning (we have capable PCs, plotter and network)
  • Accounting
    • MuniSmart module implementation in process
  • Assessor
    • Vision Appraisal upgrade v4.x to v6.x - will be completed fall 2006 after revaluation
  • Fire Department
    • IMC integration with Police Dispatch - complete