Article 14

Shall the town vote to authorize the Selectmen to enter into a 5 year lease agreement for $345,000 for the purpose of leasing/purchasing a Fire Pumper Truck and to raise and appropriate the sum of $ 81,900 for the first yearís payment for that purpose?  This agreement will have a non-appropriation and non-replacement clause as prescribed by state statute.  (Recommended by Selectmen)(Recommended by Budget Committee)(Majority Vote Required)


Originator Board of Selectmen
Board of Selectmen 5-0-0 Recommended
Budget Committee 11-0-0 Recommended

Voter's Guide Explanation

The Fire Pumper Truck is essential for fire fighting as it provides sustainable water to fight a fire.  This truck also provides mutual aid to other communities who, in turn, provide aid to us at no cost.  Without this truck we will be unable to offer water pumping to other towns and request they provide it for us.

Backup Data

Why Pelham critically needs a replacement Fire Truck

- To provide adequate water supply and attack lines.
- To provide proper staffing for the removal of smoke and toxic gasses enabling rapid search and rescue.
- To provide the required firefighter rescue team (R.I.T.)
- To minimize the ongoing demands placed on surrounding communities that are currently providing mutual aid resources.


∑ 2005 F-350 Forestry Truck
∑ Hazardous materials trailer
∑ 55,000 KW emergency stand-by generator
∑ Portable & mobile radios
∑ SCBA refill station
∑ Building renovations
∑ Communications Systems
∑ Thermal Imaging Camera

(At no costs to the tax payer)
$400,000 Received


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