Article 33

Shall to Town of Pelham vote to raise and appropriate the sum of $100,000 for the purpose of fixing the traffic problems at the intersection of Mammoth Rd. and Sherburne Rd.  These Roads are State Roads.  No money is available in the State Budget to fix this intersection presently nor will it be scheduled in the 14 year State Transportation Plan.  Said Money would be combined with funds collected from approved residential developments on Sherburne Rd. and surrounding areas and be used for the minimum down payment of 30% needed in order to apply for CTAP or other grants in order to complete this project with funds allocated to communities within the Rte 93 widening corridor. (Submitted by Petition) (Recommended by Selectmen) (Not Recommended   by Budget Committee) (Majority Vote Required)


Originator Petition
Board of Selectmen 4-1-0 Not Recommended (Lynde - no)
Budget Committee 1-10-0 Not Recommended (Gleason - yes)

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