Hawker Peddler/Itinerant Vendor/ Solicitors

The Following Vendors/Non Profit Orgnizations* have been issued a Hawker Peddler License and/or will be visiting in the Pelham Area.  The Pelham Selectmen's Office and the Pelham Police Department have been notified of their presence or have been issued a license. if you have any further qestions, please contact the pelham Police Department at 603-635-2411 (non-emergency).  If they are not on this list, they have not been given approval or a license.  Contact the Police Department Immeditely.

* Non-Profit Orgnizations do not need a license, but are required to check-in with the Police Department and report the areas they will be each day.  They are also required to have proper identification. 

Hawker Peddler/Itinerant Vendor Ordinance - 2006

Hawker Peddler / Itinerant Vendor Application

Hawker Peddler/Itinerant Vendor/Solicitor Log




Time PeriodLocation



NH Public TelevisionNon Profit

7/14 to 8/14/2016

3:30PM to 8:30PM

Throughout Pelham
08/16/2016Joseph Roland O'Brien - Edward JonesHP2016-08-00108/16/16 to 09/16/16Most of the neighborhoods off of Mammoth Rd. and connecting to Windham Rd.