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Welcome to the Pelham, NH Conservation Commission Home Page.  The Conservation Commission is an appointed body of individuals committed to developing a balance between the demands of local growth and our environment.  We typically meet at the Town Hall on the last Wednesday of every month where we review developments plans that potentially have an impact on environmentally sensitive areas.  Our role is purely an advisory position to the Planning Board, but we have extended our responsibilities to include the town acquisition of conservation land, assisting in environmental preservation by working with other organizations in planting trees throughout the town, researching issues as they present themselves, and serving as a source of knowledge to the community.  We also work with developers to ensure that growth is accomplished with everyone's concerns being addressed.

The Conservation Commission has been working for three years evaluating and planning for Pelham’s open space needs. We have studied reports, attended seminars and consulted experts to assist us with our plans. To this end, a separate sub committee has been established with the sole purpose of identifying open space for conservation purposes.  This Open Space Committee welcomes all concerned citizens are welcome to participate.  We meet 1 or 2 nights per month (usually on Thursdays).  All meeting dates are published in the local newspapers -- please drop by if you are interested. 


This web page was recently expanded from just hosting information regarding the Open Space Committee.  In the very near future, more information related to the Conservation Commission as a whole will be presented.   Expect to see site walk schedules, meeting schedules and details of on-going projects.


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