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Pelham, New Hampshire


According to the Citizens For New Hampshire Land and Community Heritage,  New Hampshire will add 300,000 more people to its population between 1997 and 2020.  Hillsborough county will be the most populous with 467,000 people and Rockingham county will grow by 140,000 people.  Overall, 85% of the entire predicted growth will be added to less than 33% of the state's land area.   Unfortunately, Pelham is very near the focal point of this growth.

The Citizens For New Hampshire Land and Community Heritage believes that today (and into the foreseeable future) the pressures on our natural, cultural, and historical resources caused by growth and sprawl are seriously affecting the quality of lie of New Hampshire citizens.  On one night alone in February, 1999, plans for the building 25 new homes within a radius of a few miles were presented to the town Planning Board.  Sadly, this is becoming a common theme at the board meetings.

Follow this link for more information on Citizens For New Hampshire Land and Community Heritage.

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