July 6, 2000


7:30 p.m. Call meeting to order




Map 10 Lot 33 & Iris Therriault Hillcrest Lane Seeking Special Permit for WCD Crossing

Map 10 Lot 33-4


Map 7 Lot 126 Pelham School District Marsh Road Site Plan Review for Proposed Elementary School for consideration


Map 9 Lot 63 Mary Farm Trust St. Al. Woodlawn Circle Proposed 11 Lot Subdivision for consideration



Map 7 Lot 44-1 KDS Properties- Atwood Road Site Review for proposed elderly housing for approval


Map 3 Lot 130 William Coleman Mammoth Road Proposed 7 Lot Subdivision for continuation


Map 3-138 Nationwide Construction Bush Hill Road Proposed 5 Lot Subdivision for approval


Map 13-37 John & George Harris - Kopers Lane Proposed 9 Lot Subdivision for approval


Map 1 Lot 57 Barbara Whittaker Special Permit for Wetland Crossing


Map 1 Lot 57 Barbara Whittaker 9 Mammoth Road Proposed 6 Lot Subdivision for approval


Map 1 Lot 161 Estate of Charles Jack Greenmeadow Estates Greenmeadow Drive Proposed 9 Lot Subdivision for approval


DISCUSSION: Louise Gaudet Old Gage Hill Road Proposed 10 Lot Subdivision for discussion only


MINUTES: June 5, 2000


All meetings are held at the Town Hall, 6 Main Street, Pelham, NH

All meetings are tape-recorded


If you are disabled, you have the right to attend, hear and participate in all public meetings held by the Town of Pelham. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act the town will provide auxiliary aids and services to accomplish this if they are needed. Please contact this office 72 hours in advance if you need assistance.