September 7, 2000


7:30 p.m. Call meeting to order




Map 7 Lot 220 William Hayes Oak Hill Drive Partial Bond Release


Map 13 Lot 83 Fran McCarthy Beacon Hill Road Bond Reduction



Map1 Lot 112 Thomas Murray Jr. Long Pond Shores Waiver of Granite Curbing and Sidewalk



Map13 Lot 84 TeleCorp 327 Gage Hill Road Pelham Pentecostal Church Site Plan Review for Proposed Telecommunication Tower for Consideration


Map 7 Lot 154,167,168 Paul & David Tokanel Theodore Avenue & Economou Avenue Proposed Lot Merger for 1 Buildable Lot for Consideration


Map 7 Lot 166,157,153, Mary Koumides Theodore Avenue & Economou Avenue Proposed Lot Merger

156,155 for 1 Buildable Lot for Consideration

Map 7 Lot 14 Joseph Parrinello 21 Clark Circle Seeking a Special Permit to allow use of Old Lawrence Road for Driveway to Lot 7-14 with Maintenance Agreement for Consideration


Map 4 Lot 137-5 Valley Hill Land Development , LLC Mammoth Road Proposed 30 Lot Subdivision for Consideration


Map 4 Lot 140 Mountain Orchards Development, LLC Valley Hill Road Proposed 36 Lot Subdivision for Consideration



Map 10 Lot 315 PPS Realty Route 38 Site Plan Review for proposed expansion of office building with associated parking into the adjoining lot for Approval


Map 3 Lot 129 Cynthia Maiocchi Bush Hill Road Proposed 2 Lot Subdivision for Approval


Map 11 Lot 28-2 & 3 Donald & Joan Fauvel Spring Street Proposed 3 Lot Subdivision for Approval



Map 7 Lot 114 Honey Dew Donuts Route 38 Conceptual Discussion


Map 10 Lot 310 Arthur & Margaret Cereillo - Retail Building Route 38 Conceptual Discussion





All meetings are held at the Town Hall, 6 Main Street, Pelham, NH

All meetings are tape-recorded


If you are disabled, you have the right to attend, hear and participate in all public meetings held by the Town of Pelham. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act the town will provide auxiliary aids and services to accomplish this if they are needed. Please contact this office 72 hours in advance if you need assistance.