THURSDAY, December 13, 2001

7:30 p.m. Call meeting to order




Planning Board Proposed Ordinance - Manufactured Housing Ordinance





Arlene Drive Extension ML 9-146 Bond Revocation Mesiti Development Corporation.

Request by Development Owner and holder of Letter of Credit to complete project in place of having bond pulled for lack of compliance by former developer Nationwide Construction.


Approval compliance Shannon Circle ML 10-255 Jake Swinarski - return of escrowed funds for off-site improvements for Jericho Road Route 38.

Petition Warrant Article to increase the minimum lot sizes for single family and duplex family residential homes


Planning Board Proposed Ordinance - Residential Growth Ordinance


Planning Board Proposed Ordinance - Open Space Planned Ordinance


Subdivision Regulation proposed amendments for discussion and possible adoption



MINUTES: November 19, 2001

December 3, 2001









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