October 6, 2003


7:30 p.m.                            Call public meeting to order



Map 6 Lot 185                    Honey Lane – Corrective Action (No public discussion to take place)


Map 12 Lot 41 & 43          Deloury Construction – Stonepost Village – Request for Bond Reduction


Map 4 Lot 139                    Collin’s Way, LLC – Request for Bond Reduction



Map 6 Lot 206                    David Mendes – Irene Drive – Proposed 5 Lot Subdivision for continued Consideration


Map 10 Lot 352                 New American Homes, LLC – Cara Estates – Approval Modification


Map 11 Lot 93                    Cormier & Saurman Building, LLC – Dutton Road – Proposed Elderly Housing for Site Plan Review and Seeking Special Permit for Wetland Crossing for Continued Consideration                                                                                



Map 4 Lot 185                    Geoffrey Detellis – Benoit Avenue – Proposed 4 Lot Subdivision and Seeking Special Permit for Wetland Crossing for Submission


Map 6 Lot 179                    128 Realty Corporation – Mammoth Road – Proposed 9 Lot Subdivision and Seeking Special Permit for Wetland Crossing for Submission


Map 7 Lot 98                      Paul Fisher – 122 Bridge Street, Unit 4 – Site Review for Change of Use from a Karate Studio to an Ice Cream Shop


Map 1 Lot 46                      Carl Melanson & Cheri Driscoll – 59 Mammoth Road – Proposed Site Plan Review to reopen pre-existing variety store




Map 1 Lot 116                    Cormier & Saurman Building, LLC – Sherburne Road – Proposed 13 Lot Subdivision for Preliminary Discussion



September 4, 2003

September 15, 2003


All meetings are held at the Town Hall, 6 Main Street, Pelham, NH

Most meetings are tape-recorded


If you are disabled, you have the right to attend, hear and participate in all public meetings held by the Town of Pelham. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act the town will provide auxiliary aids and services to accomplish this if they are needed. Please contact this office 72 hours in advance if you need assistance.