April 8, 2013



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Case # ZO2013-00002           Request made by Paul Decarolis in regards to RAYTHEON COMPANY  50 Bush Hill Road Map 20 Lot 3-137 seeking  a Variance concerning Article III Section 307-8 (C) of the Zoning Ordinance to permit the construction of a new mechanical & electric buildings, new retaining wall, new concrete pads at grade, additional underground power service. Associated scope of work shall include new bituminous pavement driveway, temporary crushed stone construction access road installation of new equipment trailers and electrical power wiring for equipment units under test (UUT’s); all per the accompanying plaus c1.0 and c1.1.  (NOTE:  This BOA case will be limited to the request for rehearing only.  If the request for rehearing is granted a hearing date will be specified and all abutters will be notified via certified mail.)



Case #ZO2013-00004             RODRIGUES, Joseph 18 West Shore Drive Map 30 Lot 11-140 seeking an Appeal concerning Article III, Sections 307-7, 307-8C & 307-12 relating to the interpretation and enforcement of the provisions of the zoning ordinance. Decision of the Planning Director to be reviewed: With regard to the requirement by the Planning Director the applicant must apply for a variance to a deck construction by the applicant on their property. The applicant maintains that they were replacing a deck that previously existing on their property.


Case # ZO2013- 00003           HABEEB, Judith 36 Woekel Circle Map 31 Lot 11-279 seeking a Variance concerning Article III, Section 307-12, 307-13 & 307-14 to permit an existing non-conforming 2 bedroom year round house on Little Island Pond on a lot with 80 feet of road frontage on Woekel Circle and an area of 7,794 sqft +/- to be removed and replaced with a new larger house but slightly smaller building footprint. The new house is to be 24.5 feet back from Woekel Circle, 15.6 feet back from Little Island Pond, 12.6 feet from the left lot line and 23 feet from the right lot line (stairs 19.5 feet).



Case #ZO2013-00007             MERRIMACK VALLEY HOMES, INC.                16-18 Greenmeadow Drive Map 33 Lot 1-161 seeking a Variance concerning Article III, Section 307-14 to permit the creation of a lot with less than 200 feet of contiguous frontage.


Case #ZO2013-00008             CARVALHE, John 15 Goldfinch Drive Map 21 Lot 3-102-42 seeking a Special Exception concerning Article XII, Section 307-74 to permit an accessory dwelling unit in existing basement area.


Case #ZO2013-00009             HOWE, Kevin 10 Woodbury Avenue Map 22 Lot 7-254 seeking a Variance  concerning Article III, Sections 307-7 & 307-8 (C) to permit a 12x10 deck off of the family area at the left side rear of the house.


Case #ZO2013-00010             COSTA, William & Cecile 108 Dutton Road Map 36 Lot 10-372 seeking a Variance concerning Article XII, Sections 307-74 & 307-74 (H) to permit an accessory apartment to be created attached to the existing dwelling and to allow a second driveway to be constructed from Dutton Road to the proposed accessory apartment at 108 Dutton Road.


 Case #ZO2013-00011            COSTA, William & Cecile 108 Dutton Road Map  36 Lot 10-372 seeking a Special Exception concerning Article XII, Section 307-74 to permit an accessory apartment to be added to the existing single family residential structure.


Case #ZO2013-00012             DESJARDINS REALTY TRUST 80 Dutton Road Map 36 Lot 10-367 seeking a Variance concerning Article III, Sections 307-7, 307-8, 307-12 Table 1 & 307-14 to permit  the existing 10 acre +/- lot to be subdivided into two building lots one with 200’ of frontage and 6.8 acres with the other having 40’ +/- of frontage with 3.4 +/- acres.


Case #ZO2013-00013             TANNER, David & Mary 869 Mammoth Road Map 14  Lot  4-177 seeking a Variance concerning Article III, Section 307-7 & 307-8 (C) to permit the expansion of use on the property to include a drive-thru window.





Case #ZO2013-00014             KOSIK, Thomas & Tanya Kosik Terrace Map 16 Lot 8-8 seeking a Variance concerning Articles III & VII, Sections 307-12, 307-13 (B), 307-14, 307-39 & 307-41to  permit a new house to be constructed on a lot with 90’ feet of frontage on a class V town road rather than 200 feet and to permit a portion of the house and detached garage to be constructed within the WCD along with grading and improvements not to exceed 8,000 s.f. of disturbance.






MINUTES                               3-11-2013





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