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Index of Electronic Forms

1 Permit Forms
2 Certificate of Occupancy
3 Zoning Ordinances and Regulations
4 Miscellaneous Public Forms
5 Building Guidelines
6 Planning Board/Board of Adjustment Applications
7 Board Members
8 Help Section

1. Permit Forms (Downloadable PDF File)

Energy Code Compliance Certification will now be required for the construction of new structures and the renovation of existing structures as required by the Public Utilities Commission. You can fill out this form online at www.puc.nh.gov. If you should need any assistance in completing this applications you can contact the Public Utilities Commission Office at the above website or call 603-271-6306.



A Building Permit Application for New Dwelling 112 Kb
B Building Permit Application 46 Kb
C Electrical Permit Application 30 Kb
D Plumbing Permit Application 32 Kb
E Mechanical Permit Application 38 Kb
  Propane/Oil Permits and Inspections  
F Sign Permit Application 44 Kb
G Driveway Permit Application 13 Kb
H Septic Replace/Repair Application 8 Kb
I Voluntary Lot Merger Form 9 Kb
J Building Permit Fee Schedule 6 Kb

2. Certificate of Occupancy ( Downloadable PDF Files)



A Building Permit Application 46 Kb
B Change of Occupancy 9 Kb
C New Home Occupancy Checklist 27 Kb
D Acknowledgement of Zoning Ordinance 9 Kb

3. Zoning Ordinances & Regulations



Ordinances in HTML Format

Size Download PDF File
A Zoning Ordinance SEE PDF Format Zoning Ordinance revised 2014
B Site Plan Regulations (45 pages) 113Kb Site Plan Regulation.pdf
C Subdivision Regulations see PDF Format      National Services Network Map 2008 (for Conservation Subdivisions) & National Services Network Users Guide 7794Kb Subdivision Regulations revised 2009
D Waste Disposal Systems Regulations 22kb Waste Disposal Systems Regulations
E Well Ordinance   Well Ordinance
F Master Plan some portions not online due to vintage of document
Historic Regulations can be accessed by clicking this link

4. Miscellaneous Public Forms



Size Download PDF File
A Application for Volunteer Position n/a Link to online volunteer application
B Request use of Town Building 9Kb Request Use of Town Building.pdf
C Authorization to act as an agent 8Kb Authorization to Act as Agent.pdf

5. Guidelines


Guidelines in HTML Format

Size Download PDF File
A     Building Permit Application Instructions
B 1 & 2  family construction guidelines 13Kb  1&2 Fam Construction Guidelines.pdf
C Conservation Commission Guidelines 8Kb Conservation Commission Guidelines.pdf
D Propane Instructions 13Kb Propane Instructions.pdf
E Pool Requirements N/A N/A
F Swimming Pool Electrical Requirements 9Kb Electrical Pool Requirements.pdf
G Electrical Requirements 24Kb Electrical Requirements
H NH Energy Code 9Kb NH Energy Code.pdf

6. Planning Board/Board of Adjustment Applications



A Subdivision of Land Application 20Kb
B Site Plan Application 18Kb
C Special Permit Application  
D Voluntary Lot Merger Application  
E Abutter Form   8Kb
F Appeal of Administrative Decision Application  
G Variance Application  
H Special Exception Application  
F Equitable Waiver of Dimensional Requirements Application 212kb

7. Board Members


Board Members in HTML Format

A Planning Board Members
B Zoning Board of Adjustment Members
C Conservation Commission Members

8. Help

Download All PDF Files At Once

You can download all the Adobe Acrobat PDF files above at once by clicking on one of the two links below.



Size Download File
A Use this link if you do have PKZip already installed. 963kb Pelham Planning Dept All Files.zip

Download Hints

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If you would like to download the file without first previewing it, simply place your cursor over the filename, RIGHT mouse click, and select the "Save Target As..." menu choice.  This will automatically save the file name with the file.  Once downloaded to your computer, you can view, print and save the file at your convenience. 

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