All persons, contractors, gas suppliers intending on installing any propane piping must prior to starting any work, fill out a permit application at the town building department specifying the scope of the work to be done, the address and the owner of the property where the work is to be done.  Fees for propane piping are $25.00 per permit. Typical inspections may be for ROUGH (piping only), FINAL (completed installations of gas appliances), or BOTH may be performed at once if applicable.


Propane tank storage permits are issued at the Town Fire Department.  Applicants must bring a copy of the propane piping permit and electrical permits to the fire Department to receive a permit.




1.                  All propane piping must be in accordance with BOCA Plumbing, Mechanical and Building Codes.


2.                  Inspections for interior piping and appliances are to be requested at the Building Department (603) 635-7811


3.                  At the time of a propane piping inspections, the piping must be under pressure and the appropriate gauge or test device must be on.



4.                  Any propane piping system that services more than one appliance shall be black iron piping with threaded ends, malleable fittings, properly secured and tested for an inspection.


Please feel free to call Walter Kosik, Plumbing Inspector, (603) 635-7811 and leave a message with any questions on the procedure or specific questions on the installations of any propane system, I will return your call as soon as possible.













                *Section M-1001.0 General


*M-1001.1 Scope:  The provisions of this chapter shall govern the requirements for combustion are for all fuel-burning appliances or equipment.

*M-1001.2 Combustion is required:  All fuel-burning appliances shall be provided with adequate combustion air, or shall be provided by a direct outdoor connection or a special engineered system.


*M-1101.3  Circulation of air:  Every room containing fuel-burning equipment shall be designed for the free circulation of air. Adequate provisions shall be made for any openings or devices, which cause the depletion of combustion air.

*Section M-1002.0 Definitions


*M-1002.1 General:  The following words and terms shall, for the purposes of this chapter and as stated elsewhere in this code, have the meanings shown herein. Combustion air:  the amount of air required for safe and proper combustion.


*Section M-1003.0 Inside Air


*M-1003.1 Amount of air:  Inside air shall be available for each fuel-burning appliance at a rate of 40 cubic feet of room air volume per 1,000 British thermal units per hour (Btuh) (3.86 m3/kW) input rating.  In buildings of tight construction where the air exchange rate is less than 0.5 air changes per hour, additional air shall be provided in accordance with Section M-1004.0 or M-1006.0.


M-1003.2 Openings:  Where the room in which the appliance located does not meet the criterion specified in Section M-1003.1, openings to adjacent spaces shall be provided so that the combined volume of all spaces meets the criterion.  Two openings shall be provided, one near the top of the room and one near the bottom.

M-1003.2.1 Size of opening: Each opening shall have an unobstructed area equal to a minimum of 1 square inch per 1,000 Btuh (2201 mm2/kW) input rating of all appliances installed in the space, but not less than 100 square inches (64516 mm2)


                Section M-1004.0 Outdoor air


M-1004.1 Connections to outdoors:  where the space in which fuel-burning appliances are located does not meet the criterion for indoor air as specified in Section M-1003.1, the room shall have two openings to the outdoors.  One opening hall be located near the top of the room and one near the bottom.  Openings are permitted to connect to spaces directly communicating with the outdoors, such as ventilated crawl spaces or attic spaces.


*M-1004.2 Size of horizontal openings:  Each opening through a horizontal duct shall have an unobstructed are equal to a minimum of 1 square inch per 2,000 British thermal units per hour (Btuh) (1100 mm2/kW) total input rating.  Each direct opening through a wall shall have an unobstructed area equal to a minimum of 1 square inch per 4,000 Btuh (550 mm2/kW) total input rating.


*M-1004.4 Operation of openings: Combustion air openings shall be open when the fuel-burning appliance is operating. Dampers are permitted to be electrically connected to the firing cycle of the appliance.


*Sectionm-1005 Direct Connection


*M-1005.1 General:  Fuel-burning appliances that have been tested for direct combustion air connection to the outdoors shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions.


*Section M-1006.0 Mechanical Ventilation


*M-1006.1 General: Combustion air is permitted to be provided by the mechanical ventilation system.  The supply air rate shall be increased over the required ventilation air by a rate equal to a minimum of 1 cubic foot per minute per 3,000 British thermal units per hour (0.00047 m 3/s per 0.8793 kW) total input rating. Each appliance shall be electrically connected to the ventilation system is not in operation.


Section M-1007.0 Opening Obstructions


*M-1007.1 General:  The unobstructed are of each opening shall be considered for determining combustion air.  The opening determined by the manufacturer shall be considered unobstructed.


*M-1007.2 Louvered openings:  The unobstructed area of metal louvered openings shall be considered 75 percent of the total area.  The unobstructed area of wood-louvered openings shall be considered 25% of the total area.