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Paul McLaughlin, Chairperson                                                                 Alicia Harshfield, Alternate

Bill Cookinham                                                                                        Hal Lynde, Selectman Rep.

Bob Yarmo



A meeting of the Pelham Conservation Commission was held upstairs in the Town Hall at 6 Main Street on Wednesday, September 6, 2000 at 7:30 p.m. and called to order by Chairperson, Paul McLaughlin, at 7:56 p.m.  The Chairperson moved to the first hearing on the agenda.




Map 20, Lot 3-129 and Lot 3-129-1

Bush Hill Road, Maiocchi property


The proposed plan was presented by Peter Weeks of Cuoco and Cormier Engineering Associates in Nashua, NH regarding this 2 lot subdivision.  The existing dwelling is located on Lot 3-129 and a second adjacent Lot 3-129-1, was being proposed.  A wetlands map had been made by Richard Bond.  Mr. Weeks stated that he had met with the Planning Board last month.  A 50 foot buffer was provided for wetlands with silt fencing recommended, as shown on this plan.  There would also be silt fencing around the proposed well for the new construction.  Bob Yarmo stated that he had been on a site walk of the property and that there was minimal impact.  Mr. Yarmo inquired about hay bales and Peter said they would not be used.  Bob Yarmo questioned why the silt fencing was to be located where shown.   Mr. Weeks explained that the septic has to be 75 feet away from house.  Mr. Yarmo noted that the area was fairly clear and the plan was acceptable, adding that silt fencing should be wrapped around the well area for more protection.  Peter Weeks said that was agreeable and would be done.


A Motion was made by Bob Yarmo to approve the plan subject to the silt

fencing being reconfigured to run contiguously from back of proposed house

to encompass well and back to the 50 foot buffer line.  A stipulation is to be

added to the plan for a no cut zone within wetland area.  Bill Cookinham

seconded the motion.  All in favor:  Paul McLaughlin, Bob Yarmo, Bill

Cookinham.  Vote is 3-0-0.  The motion is passed.


Mr. Weeks requested that the Chairperson attend a Planning Board meeting the following evening to address the Planning Board with the recommendation of the Conservation Commission.  Mr. McLaughlin agreed to be present and stated that a letter would be sent to Planning Board after the meeting.



Map 37, Lots 10-1 and 10-1-4

LeBlanc Road, Hilbert property


The proposed plan was presented by Steve Haight of Edward Herbert Surveyors in Windham, NH regarding this minimal impact dredge and fill application for driveway.  Paul McLaughlin asked if the land in Dracut was not involved and Mr. Haight said it was not.  Jim Gove of Gove Environmental Services explained that this is an expedited application and will require the signature of the Board Chairperson on five copies, at this meeting.  The applications would be filed with the Town of Pelham and the Wetlands Bureau in Concord.  It was noted that both Bob Yarmo and Bill Cookinham had been to a site walk on this property.  Mr. Gove stated that alternatives had been researched and the proposed plan was the best possible choice.  Bob Yarmo asked if placing the driveway on the other side of the property had been considered.  Jim Gove responded that the owners did not wish to have a shared driveway and that there would also be a wetland impact there.  Bob Yarmo stated that a shared driveway would avoid all wetlands.


Paul McLaughlin questioned the size of the driveway and Steve Haight answered that it would be 10 feet wide.  Bob Yarmo asked if there would be a benefit to constructing an 8 foot wide driveway at the point where it crosses the wetland.  Mr. Haight stated that 10 feet is generally standard for a driveway.  Jim Gove added that 10 feet would be necessary for trucks to converse the driveway.  A discussion ensued and the board members agreed that 10 feet was necessary.  Steve Haight added that the driveway would be fairly flat.  Bill Cookinham queried if there was to be one 15” culvert under the driveway.  Mr. Haight answered affirmatively, adding that 15” was the minimum required by the Town.  Mr. Cookinham asked if there was a culvert on the adjacent property’s drive as well and Mr. Haight answered yes.  Bill Cookinham said that it appeared to be minimal impact involved.  Jim Gove stated that any dredge and fill issued would require that the driveway be constructed during low flow time and Steve Haight explained that this would involve about 3 hours work.  Mr. Haight explained that silt fencing would be used for erosion control.  Bob Yarmo requested that a no cut zone within WCD be added and Mr. Haight agreed to add this to the plan.  Mr. Yarmo asked Jim Gove to explain an expedited application and Mr. Gove answered that there were guidelines regarding square footage and minimal impact as well as length and width of driveway.  The application would be filed with Town Clerk with a copy to other departments and Wetlands Bureau.  The applicant would then receive a permit within 30 days.  The average time otherwise would be 3 - 6 months.  Bob Yarmo asked if hay bales would be used during driveway construction and Mr. Haight said that the silt fencing could be extended along the edge and both sides of the drive. 


A Motion was made by Bob Yarmo to approve the proposed plan subject

to the wetland crossing and driveway construction being done during the

low flow time, silt fencing being extended to parallel driveway, and a no

cut zone added within WCD.  Bill Cookinham seconded the motion.  All

in favor:  Paul McLaughlin, Bill Cookinham, Bob Yarmo.  Vote is 3-0-0.

The motion passed.


Jim Gove requested that a letter of recommendation, addressed to the Wetlands Bureau, based on the above motion be faxed as soon as possible to his office in order that he may attach it to the applications.  A copy of said letter will also be sent to the Planning Board.



Map 8, Lot 27, Off Old Gage Hill Road

Gaudet property


Steve Haight of Edward Herbert Surveyors asked to present a proposed plan on the above noted property to the Board for discussion and informational purposes and the Board agreed.  Mr. Haight explained that this was to be a 9 lot subdivision with a cul-de-sac off Atwood and Old Gage Hill Roads.  Steve Haight inquired whether the Board would want an environmental report and Bob Yarmo asked what the property abuts.  Mr. Haight responded that it was adjacent to the Pine Valley Golf Course and some power lines with a large forested wetland on the north side as well as forested area where the lots would be located. 


Paul McLaughlin asked if it were possible to develop this subdivision without the crossing of wetlands.  Steve Haight answered it was not due to frontage needed on Atwood and Old Gage Hill Roads and asked if the Conservation Commission could do a site walk of the property.  He added that 10 lots is the general standard for requirement of environmental report and that the only impact to wetlands would be the road.  Paul McLaughlin asked if there were any other issues to consider.  Kathleen Surowiec of Turtle Pond Enterprises, a wetland scientist, answered that there was the possibility of endangered birds but it was uncertain.  It may be a migrating situation.  Bill Cookinham inquired if the 9 lots included the existing dwelling and Mr. Haight answered yes; there would be 8 new lots.  The Chairperson inquired if the board members felt an impact report would be of benefit to the community.  Bob Yarmo said he felt it would not be of benefit but would like to reserve the right to request one, if necessary, after the site walk.  Steve Haight explained that he was looking for comments and input from Conservation Commission prior to


bringing the plan to the Planning Board.  He stated that a dredge and fill application would be made.  Mr. Haight agreed that he would furnish copies of the plan to Board members before or at the site walk.  The Board agreed to schedule a site walk for Saturday, September 9, 2000.



Map 8, Lot 9-63, Mary Farm Trust

Woodlawn Estates


Steve Haight of Edward Herbert Surveyors in Windham, NH presented the above noted proposed plan which was a continuation of existing subdivision with an added cul-de-sac.  A wetland crossing would be needed for the proposed cul-de-sac.  There would be no wet fill in road or driveways; some lot lines had been changed and a right of way to Town property was indicated on plan.  Mr. Haight stated that a 100 year flood plan was done with no impact results.  He asked the Board for a letter of recommendation for Planning.  Paul McLaughlin asked about the size of the area impacting wetland crossing.  Steve Haight estimated about 200 square feet.  Bill Cookinham questioned whether the cul-de-sac could be moved so as not to encompass the wetland area.  Mr. Haight responded that it could not due to frontage requirements and the radius involved, adding that silt fencing was shown on plan.  Bob Yarmo asked about the final grading at the wetlands and Steve Haight indicated this on the plan, stating that a final plan would be sent.  The Chairperson asked if the residents’ concern regarding blasting had been addressed and Mr. Haight replied that it had.  Paul McLaughlin asked what was to happen to the pallets located at a foot path and Mr. Haight said he did not know. 


Paul McLaughlin asked if the residents’ concerns about flooding being created had been addressed.  Steve Haight answered that an existing 36” culvert, near Christopher Lane, would be maintained with minimal impact to watershed.  It was expected that the flow would remain the same.  Paul McLaughlin asked if the Town owned property nearby had been reviewed.  Steve Haight replied yes and added that CLD would be looking at it for determination of specific lot line.  Mr. Haight said he felt comfortable that the lot line was located where indicated on the plan.  Bob Yarmo inquired about the distance of the Prime wetland area from this subdivision.  Kathleen Surowiec, of Turtle Pond Enterprises in Sanbornton, NH responded that the actual Prime was with Golden Brook on the other side of Christopher Lane and estimated 1000 feet away. 


An abutter and resident, John Grenda of 33 Woodlawn Circle, addressed the Board and engineers to ask about the location of catch basins.  Steve Haight showed their location on the plan.  Bob Yarmo stated that the Board needed to know if the new road construction drainage was being properly treated before it reaches the wetlands.  Steve Haight explained that it would be going to a roadside treatment swale.  Bob Yarmo asked about the discharge point and Mr. Haight said there would be no increase on flow to catch basin.  Bob Yarmo said it was necessary to know discharge point was adequate to protect Prime wetland.  John Grenda stated that he believed the Prime wetland area was actually 400-500 feet away.  Kathleen Surowiec explained that the drainage enters Golden Brook below and at the outlet of Prime wetlands, not above. 


Bob Yarmo queried about the location of silt fencing.  Steve Haight indicated on the plan where it was to be placed, stating that more could be added.  Slope insulation material would also be used.  Bill Cookinham asked for more silt fencing to be added along tree lines at the back of lots and septic areas for erosion control.  Mr. Haight agrees.  John Grenda, an abutter, states that he believes the Town property is the Tom Kirby Town Forest and Mr. Yarmo says that he wished the environmental report covered the 65 acres of the town forest.  Mr. Grenda suggests that the Forestry Committee may have information.  Bob Yarmo asks that the “proposed foliage line” wording on the plan be changed to “proposed limit of clearing” and Mr. Haight agrees.  John Grenda asked if this was the remainder of property owned by this applicant and Mr. Haight says he does not know but that it would be a question for the Planning Board.  Bob Yarmo asks that the plan indicate a no cut zone for WCD and Mr. Haight agrees.  Bill Cookinham asks if silt fencing will be shown where roadwork is to be done at cul-de-sac and Steve Haight states that can be done, as well as around the proposed well on lot as shown on plan. 


Gail Plouff, Chairperson for the Town of Pelham Forestry Committee addressed the Board.  Ms. Plouff explained that the Town had accepted this property as the Tom Kirby Town Forest approximately two years ago.  The proposal had been pending subject to determination of boundary.  She stated that the Assessor’s office would have listings and information.


Bob Yarmo asked how the Town forest might affect the environmental study.  Kathleen Surowiec said that she could update the report but that a town forest would help in decreasing impact as there would be area of open space.  She added that it would not affect the recommendations in her report.  Steve Haight suggested that a 50 foot no cut buffer could be added along the boundary of the town property.  Bob Yarmo asked if it could be a conservation easement.  Steve Haight explained that it could but an easement would open the property to the public.  Kathleen Surowiec recommended the 50 foot no cut zone.  Peter Zohdi of Edward Herbert Surveyors arrived late and concurred that a no cut zone along ridge line could be made; he stated that 50 feet was acceptable but 75 feet was too excessive.  Gail Plouff suggested that the Forestry Management plan could be reviewed.  Paul McLaughlin stated that he heard a selective cut zone being suggested, explaining that a buffer is a no cut zone.  He would like the plan to show that the entire WCD area is to be no cut zone.  There was a brief discussion about requirements for distances of leach fields in either Hydric A or B areas.  Mr. Grenda, the abutter, stated that the area residents would be happy to have the pallets removed.  Peter Zohdi states that the applicant would be willing to do that.  Gail Plouff asks Peter Zohdi to correct notation of ditch on plan to say stream and he agrees.


A Motion was made by Bill Cookinham to accept the proposed plan with

the following conditions:  That silt fencing be extended along the tree lines at

the back of proposed lots and septic areas for erosion control; that the wording

“proposed foliage line” be changed to “proposed limit of clearing”; that

the entire WCD area be designated as a no cut zone; that silt fencing and

hay bales be added to the roadway cul-de-sac construction area and around

the proposed well shown on plan; that a 50 foot no cut zone be designated

along the boundary line of the Town of Pelham property; that the customary

no cut zone signs be posted along northerly boundary and WCD areas;

that existing pallets in area be removed by the applicant from the property.

Bob Yarmo seconded the motion.  All in favor:  Bill Cookinham, Bob Yarmo,

Paul McLaughlin.  Vote is 3-0-0.  The motion is passed.



Map 4, Lot 137-5

Valley Hill Land Development, LLC


Peter Zohdi of Edward Herbert Surveyors in Windham, NH presented a proposed plan for the above subdivision to furnish the Board with information and request a site walk be scheduled.  Mr. Zohdi stated that the board had been on a site walk earlier in the year in regards to the five frontage lots and existing dwelling on Mammoth Road.  He explained that the remaining property involved 85 acres with a proposed road from Mammoth Road to Longview Circle.  Peter Zohdi stated that he had walked this area with one Conservation board member (Bob Yarmo) recently and that existing wetland areas were shown on the plan.  The developer would be seeking dredge and fill permits in several areas and that there would be some driveway crossings.  He explained that a proposal made during the site walk involved creating a cul-de-sac and therefore not going through any wetlands or WCD areas with no true connection to Longview (he added that Longview would eventually be connected somewhere else).  Mr. Zohdi stated that his client was agreeable to this alternative plan and that they would ask for one wetland crossing on the proposed Meadow View Road (to Holstein Drive).  Mr. Zohdi stated that he was giving this recitation for purposes of options and discussion with Conservation.  He added that an environmental report had been done.  Bob Yarmo said



he believed the Board would be in favor of this alternative proposal to eliminate need for dredge and fill applications to go through wetlands.  Peter Zohdi explained that because this was to be a dredge and fill application with the plan being presented, the applicant had the right to come before Conservation board.


Paul McLaughlin noted the lateness of the hour and stated that the board would meet again on Wednesday, September 20, 2000 at 7:30 p.m. at the Town Hall.  Peter Zohdi inquired whether that agenda would be made in the order of what remained to be addressed tonight.  The Chairperson said if possible, it would be. 

Peter Zohdi explained that roads had been staked and asked the Board to agree to a site walk on Valley Hill Land Development property, Mountain Orchard Development property and the Gaudet Subdivision off Old Gage Hill Road.  It was agreed that the site walks would begin at 8 a.m. on Saturday, September 9, 2000.


Bob Yarmo reminded the Chairperson that the Board had two appointments to make regarding Open Space and Water Research grants.


A Motion was made by Bob Yarmo to name Debbie Waters as Administrator

of the Open Space state grant.  Bill Cookinham seconded the motion.  All in

favor:  Paul McLaughlin, Bob Yarmo, Bill Cookinham.  Vote is 3-0-0.

The motion is passed.


A Motion is made by Bob Yarmo to name Richard Cummings as the

Administrator of Water Research state grant and Chairperson of the

Water Resource Committee.  Bill Cookinham seconded the motion.  All

in favor:  Bill Cookinham, Paul McLaughlin, Bob Yarmo.  Vote is 3-0-0.

The motion is passed.


Paul McLaughlin stated that formal letters of approval would be mailed to Debbie Waters and Rick Cummings regarding these appointments.  There being no further business to come before the board:


A Motion was made by Bill Cookinham to adjourn.  Bob Yarmo seconded

the motion.  All in favor:  Paul McLaughlin, Bob Yarmo, Bill Cookinham.

Vote is 3-0-0.  The motion is passed.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:51 p.m.





Transcribed by,




Kathleen A. Carr,

Recording Secretary