MAY 25, 2000


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM.


Present:                 Jeff Gowan, Bill Scanzani, Paddy Culbert, Victor Danevich, Henry

                             DeLuca, Alternate Doris Cvinar, Alternate Gael Ouellette, Selectmen’s

                             Representative Deb Casey and Planning Director Vincent Messina.


Absent:                 Michael Soby, Alternate Carl Huether, Alternate Richard Foote and

                             Alternate Peter McNamara


Victor Danevich stated that this was the 2nd public hearing and tonight’s meeting is the second on the Wetlands Conservation District Proposal. 


Alicia Harshfield recapped that from Sept to Nov. there was a wetland study on wetland buffers and the current knowledge of the value of wetland buffers in NH and other states.


Victor Danevich said that based on the findings changes were made to ordinances regarding wetlands.  We are here to take a look at the revisions and to get public input.  The final revisions will be brought to the Town Meeting in March of 2001.


Al Lynch of Pelham said he was very concerned about what the Boards are doing now.  Attorneys will hold all developers in Pelham in escrow and this will cause monitoriums on all developments in town.


Victor Danevich read a letter into the record from William R. Mason, and Attorney at Law and town council letter in answer to this letter.


Jeff Gowan followed up on several points to the letter.


1)   It would have been impossible to get this zoning change in front of the

           Town voters before the 2000 meeting.

2)   The Conservation Committee put together recommended language for the

           on an advisory basis.  The Planning Board will have the final say on this


3)   There is no intent to put a monitorium in place.


Bill Scanzani read into the minutes the revised Article 7 – Wetland Conservation District as proposed.


Victor Danevich then invited Mark West and Alicia Harshfield to walk the board through the proposed changes.


Many members had much discussion & from the public about whether the meeting was a Public Session or a Work Session.  If it were a Public Session then the ordinance just read would be put into place until the town meeting.  If it were a working session then it would not be put into place.


Victor Danevich stated that the meeting tonight would be viewed as a working session.

However many people from the audience objected to this.

Deb Casey made a motion to change the meeting from a Public Hearing to a Working Session so that we can continue to take input and constructive criticism on the Wetland Conservation District Ordinance and to withdraw the Public Notice.


Jeff Gowan seconds the motion.


Much discussion between the Board and the public about the wording & confusion of the motion were then had.


MOTION:                  (Casey/Gowan) To rescind her prior motion, to rescind the legal notice, to adjourn the Public Hearing and to adjourn the meeting.


ROLL CALL:     Jeff Gowan – yes, Paddy Culbert – yes, Henry DeLuca – yes, Bill Scanzani – yes, Gael Ouellette – yes, Deb Casey – yes, Victor Danevich – yes.


                             7 – 0 – 0  The motion carries.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.


Respectfully submitted,



Therese Soucy

Recording Secretary