September 10, 2001



The Chairman, Walter Kosik, called the meeting to order at approximately 7:30.


The Clerk, Mr. George LaBonte, called the roll:



PRESENT:       Peter McNamara, George LaBonte, Walter Kosik, Edmund Gleason, Peter LaPolice and Alternate David Hennessey                                           



Case #2209 – ML – 3-137 – RAYTHEON COMPANY – 50 Bush Hill Road – Seeking a Variance to Article III, Section 307-8 to permit a 900 sq. ft. addition to an existing building.  Existing non-conforming use – Original variance granted December 9, 1968.


Mr. LaBonte real aloud the list of abutters.  There were no persons present whom did not have their name read.


Mr. Steven Black, a Representative for Raytheon Company, stated the addition will be used as a storage area.  There will be no additional noise generated. 


Mr. Black read the following criteria aloud:


Item # 1. There will be no decrease in the value of the surrounding properties:  addition will be of the same architecture as the existing building.


Item #2.  It is in the public interest:  the proposed addition will generate more tax revenue and allow Raytheon to continue its business servicing the Federal Government.


Item #3.  There is significant hardship to the land:  Raytheon will not be able to use the property to its fullest potential if the variance is denied.  Raytheon has been at that location since the late 1960’s and to have to relocated the facility would be a significant hardship.


Item # 4.  There is substantial justice to be done:  it has been recognized that while there is non-conforming uses there, from time to time Raytheon would have to come before the Board with additions to allow them to operate effectively.


Item #5.  This request is within the spirit of the zoning ordinance:  Raytheon will meet all the requirements if the variance is granted.


Mr. William Coleman, 233 Mammoth Road, said he expressed concern regarding noise at the previous meeting.  He said he has since met with Dave Theroux of Raytheon and is pleased with the plan and appreciates the way they have addressed the concerns.  He said he is in favor of the plan.

Mr. McNamara asked what the building they are adding on to is used for.  Mr. Theroux said it is open office space.  They will be storing only office equipment in the addition.


BALLOTT VOTE:     Mr. Kosik – Approved

Mr. Gleason – Approved

Mr. LaBonte - Approved

Mr. LaPolice _ Approved

Mr. McNamara – Approved






Case #2210 – ML 11-28-4 – EANNARINO, Jeff & Cindy– 17 Spring Street – Seeking a Variance to Article III, Section 307-14 to permit the creation of two lots with less than 200’ road frontage from a 5 acre parcel.


Mr. Kosik announced that since the Eannarino’s were out of town, the meeting will be postponed until next month.


Mr. Timothy Campbell, 8 Brett Circle, an abutter to the Eannarinos, had a concern with Mr. Hennessey being associated with the Eannarino’s Real Estate Broker.  Mr. Kosik stated that Mr. Hennessey has already informed the Board that he will not sit in on that case.






Sprint Spectrum LP – 169 Jeremy Hill Road – Motion for Rehearing pursuant to RSA 677:2 of the decision of the Pelham Zoning Board of Adjustment on August 13, 2001.


Mr. Kosik announced that Mr. Hennessey will be voting on this case in place of Mr. LaPolice since he was not present at the last meeting.


MOTION:      (Gleason/LaBonte)  To deny the appeal as presented.


VOTE:            (5-0-0)  The appeal is denied.





August 13, 2001


MOTION:      (Gleason/Hennessey) To approve the minutes from the August 13, 2001 meeting as written.


VOTE:            (5-0-0)

Mr. Kosik announced that there will be a special meeting on September 24, 2001.





MOTION:      (Gleason/LaPolice) To adjourn the meeting.


VOTE:            (5-0-0)  The motion carries.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:00 pm.



                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,



                                                                                    Charmaine M. Goyette

                                                                                    Recording Secretary