Town of Pelham, NH

Pelham Conservation Commission

6 Main Street

Pelham, NH 03076-3723


MEETING OF JUNE 12, 2002             MINUTES APPROVED 7/10/02


Members Present:                      

Bob Yarmo, Chairman

Frank Culbert

Sanjay Kakkad

Sandy Kupcho

Christian Montminy

Marc J. Duquette

Deborah Waters – Open Space Committee Chm. (non-voting member)

Connie Evans – Endangered Species Committee Chm. (non-voting member)


Meeting brought to order by Chairman Bob Yarmo at 7:30 p.m. at the Pelham Senior Center, Nashua Road.







Betsy Hahn, Nashua Regional Planning Commission (NRPC) met with the group to discuss Pelham’s Natural Resources Inventory draft mapping; the town’s priorities with regard to identifying town owned land, wetlands, greenways, open space, easement possibilities, and lands of special importance.   Before Pelham can vote on the plan the group needs to read the “Resources Chapter”.  She recommended that the members divide the town’s map into grids, regions or quadrants and to actively take part in identifying the areas described above.  High School students must put in 40 hours of community service to the town before they can graduate and this is one way they could earn hours by assisting the Commission in this endeavor.  Betsy also handed out a memo from Steve Heuchert, dated 4/23/02, of ‘Pelham’s Scope of Work’.  The Draft included maps that identify streams, rivers, ponds, state roads, local roads, class VI, prime & state important soils on vacant land, prime wetlands, large forest blocks, town-owned land, conservation/recreation/open space, pipelines and power transmission lines.  Bob Yarmo, Chairman, requested that NRPC supply the Commission with maps that they currently have so as to have a starting point.  The Commission was advised that in order for Pelham Conservation Commission to get copies of these documents, that they must go through the town’s planning director, and that the request be made to the Executive Director of NRPC.  After hearing the Commission’s concerns, that we have a new planning director and that our requests would probably not be first on his agenda as he is attempting to get the backlog of work caught up.  Betsy suggested that we draft a letter

                                                                                                6/12/02 – page 2



for him and he would only need to sign it.  Bob Yarmo said he would physically go to the town hall and meet with the new planning director, and sit there till he got the information that was being requested.  Bob also said he would post a plea for volunteers from the community to help with this project that is being requested.  Betsy advised the Commission that the layering of the maps show where the prime areas are and would identify our priorities.  She stressed the need for Pelham to identify what our long range plans are for our natural resources before NRPC can be of assistance.  Betsy advised that Pelham could apply for a “319 Water Quality Grant” grant for our ponds, and identify the watersheds at no charge.  She said she would be glad to write the application for the grant for us.  She will supply a copy of the Robinson grant for us to use as a reference.  The grant must be prepared and presented early in September as it would be due in November.


Betsy, suggested the members of the Commission to physically pull deeds and examine them if they fall into areas of recreational trails, wildlife corridors, etc., and to approach the land-owners to see if they would consider an easement on their properties.



Bob Yarmo expressed the need to have the “stack” of paperwork that is in the file cabinet at the Town Hall be gone over, sorted by map number(s), etc., and properly filed.  The filing of such documents would probably follow the same filing system that the Planning Board has in place.  Glennie Edwards, recording secretary said she would get involved with this project on a voluntary basis.  Bob Yarmo will get a key made for the file.  Betsy said that maybe Ann Hargreaves might be interested in working on this also.  Glennie will give her a call.  (call was made – Ann ready to get involved, request a day’s notice on when this can begin).


Bob Yarmo asked the recording secretary when the backlog of televised tapes might be transcribed as the Planning Board had issues that they may be looking for documentation on.  No answer, with regard to time frame, could be given as Glennie just started and was trying to coordinate the tapes with possible use of a Dictaphone that would be a better way to handle the information.  She will have a better idea of how long it will take in a couple of weeks.


The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.




Next Meeting of Pelham Conservation Commission is Wednesday, June 26, 2002


Minutes prepared by Glennie Edwards, Recording Secretary, 6/13/2002