Town of Pelham, NH

Pelham Conservation Commission

6 Main Street

Pelham, NH 03076-3723


MAY 14, 2003                               Approved 10/15/2003


Members Present                                             Not Present

Robert Yarmo, Chairman                                William McDevitt, Select. Rep.

Frank Culbert

Marc Duquette

Deborah Waters, Open Space Chairman


Meeting brought to order by Chairman Robert Yarmo at 8:00 p.m.


HEARING:  Map 2, Lot 5-75, Keyes Hill Road Trust, 7-lot subdivision.


Chairman Yarmo and member Marc Duquette did a site walk along with the Planning Board last Saturday.  It was observed that the proposed road did not cross at its narrowest point.  There are no problems with the house locations.  The stream that runs beside the driveway is of concern as it goes through the driveway and would require a culvert.


Discussion was to relocate the road to the narrowest point in order to minimize impact on the wetlands.  There is a steep embankment and a cul-de-sac being of a “P” shape may not be necessary.  Relocation of the road, either north or south has its problems also.  The house lots are in a dry area and away from WCD.


MOTION: (Frank Culbert/Marc Duquette) Move road to the north in order to minimize wetlands impact area and avoid erosion controls. The Plan was received by the Planning Department on 3/18/03.  Original date on plan was November 2002.  The plan in use for this meeting is dated 3/14/03.  Affixed to it is a stamp from Jim Gove of Environmental Services.



Deb reports that the closing on the Picard property has been done.   The deed was recorded in March and awaiting LCHIP money.  Conservation needs to provide a formal appraisal, title certification. Frank suggested that the Environmental Site Assessment might possibly be conducted done by volunteers from the high school.  Deb has met with one of the abutter and needs to submit a questionnaire back to LCHIP.  Also, a Stewardship Plan needs to be in place.  She has worked on this and made minor revisions.  $2,000.00 was allowed for stewardship.  She received quotes for 6” signs, made of metal.  The signs are a white with green letters.  Marc asked about having signs posted on all conservation land and should be posted every 50 feet.  Deb says that all paperwork needs to be submitted by September.  She is hopeful that it will be earlier than that.  There is $60,000.00 being returned to the conservation land trust.

Conservation Commission – 5/14/2003                                              Page 2



Bob and Deb exchanged information about the “build-out” analysis that is being documented by NRPC.  That also has a completion date of September.  Estimates are done using past building, pace of present building, fiscal evaluation, etc.  It’s unsure, at this point, if the build-out or purchase land for conservation is the more acceptable.


OTHER:  Bob has received the resignation of Sandy Kupcho via e-mail, a full-time member of the board.  She is going for her master’s degree and unable to give of her time now.  She was asked to submit her resignation in writing and it would be forwarded to the board of selectmen.


Marc said that the water testing at the ponds should begin in June.  Marc was asked if Victor (Danevich) had the graphics on the water study of the ponds had been forwarded electronically in order to post them.  Marc said that had been done.  It was felt that Christian (Montminy), member of conservation, will get together with Victor and will take this project over.


The secretary presented a form to go along with pictures that the Commi-sion might use when they are out on site walks.  One revision was suggested.  The change will be done


The meeting adjourned at 8:36 p.m.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,


                                                                        Glennie M. Edwards

                                                            Recording Secretary