Town of Pelham , NH

Pelham Conservation Commission

6 Village Green

Pelham , NH 03076


MEETING OF November 10, 2004                         Approved 12/8/2004

 Members Present                                                        

Robert Yarmo, Chairman                                             

Paul Gagnon                                                                

Deborah Scott                                                             

Shirley Wakefield (Alternate)

Glennie Edwards (Alternate)

Paul Dadak

Amy Breault


Chairman Yarmo brought the meeting to order at 7:35



Chairman Yarmo discussed RSA 36-A with reference to sub committees for the Conservation Commission.  Deborah Waters, of Open Space addressed the Commission to ask that she be appointed chair of Land Stewardship for the Conservation Commission.  She explained that care for recently acquired properties had to meet yearly standards, especially those that received grants from LCHIP.  There was discussion between Ms. Waters and Commission members about what types of care were needed and suggestions made on how to get help with various projects, i.e., checking for encroachments, trail blazing, etc.

MOTION:  To establish a Sub Committee to monitor recently acquired properties and to name Deborah Waters as chairperson.  (Glennie Edwards/Paul Gagnon)

VOTE:  7-0 in the affirmative

MINUTES APPROVED:  Minutes of November 10, 2004 were approved after a revision of wording.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

                                                Respectfully submitted,

 Moved to Non-Public Session                    Glennie M. Edwards, Recording Secretary