Town of Pelham, NH

Pelham Conservation Commission

6 Village Green

Pelham, NH 03076


MEETING OF 12/8/2004                              APPROVED 1//12/05


Members Present                                             Absent

Robert Yarmo, Chairman                                  Paul Dadak     

Paul Gagnon                                                                

Deborah Scott                                                             

Shirley Wakefield (Alternate)

Glennie Edwards (Alternate)

Amy Breault


Chairman Yarmo brought the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.




Chairman Yarmo announced criteria for persons interested in becoming a part of the Land Stewardship sub-Committee of the Conservation Commission.  He said it might require hiking the property, building a bridge, helping with some trails or applying for trails grants. He went on to announce that the Friends of Open Space had stopped meeting and their efforts would be continued by the Conservation Commission. Some of this work will be done in public session and some in non-public. Bob thanked all the members of the Open Space group for their efforts and hopefully future generations will see the benefit of their work.




Re:  Fernette Property, Hinds Lane:


Chairman Yarmo has been trying to work on the clean up of the Fernette parcel and file a report on what we have done to date.  He stated that an individual in town, Kirk Provencher, doing business as Kirk Enterprises, a site work contractor, has volunteered his time to drag all the cars to one spot and level off the grade so that it will accessible for a wrecker to remove the junk cars.  Mr. Yarmo said they were supposed to be moved this week but didn’t know if that had happened due to the bad weather we had had.  There are more cleanups that need to happen after the cars are removed.   Chairman Yarmo said that there had been discussion about maybe getting the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts or Eagle Scouts involved in the cleanup. A dumpster has been donated to the town by Lamare & Sons and Devito.  They are on stand-by until a crew can organize this.  Chairman Yarmo felt that this clean up was a little more than the Stewardship’s responsibility.  There are no known hazardous materials, just construction debris and old washers and dryers.  Paul Dadak had indicated at a past meeting that he would contact someone from the Scouts to initiate this project according to members. (Member Dadak was absent at this meeting).  The survey on this property is 85% completed. The last boundary line can be completed once the wetlands freeze over says Mr. Yarmo.

Member Paul Gagnon states that once the debris is cleaned up the entrance needs to be blocked off as cars and 4-wheel drive vehicles will continue to go back in there as fast as we can pull them out.  Chairman Yarmo said he had a discussion with the fire department on the proper way to block the entrance so as to make sure the fire department weren’t prevented from getting into the property.


Re:  Conservation Brochure


Member Shirley Wakefield made a presentation of a brochure that she has been working on.  She explained that a first draft was submitted to NRPC for their review.  Angie of NRPC commented to Shirley that the brochure was great.  She returned it to Shirley with some corrections and stated she was glad that Pelham was doing this. The intent of the brochure is something that the Commission needs and funds have been allocated to pay for the printing.  This brochure will be in the form of a handout and will be available at the town hall, real estate locations and planning office and will serve as a welcome to new landowners to understand the function of the Conservation Commission and what the function of the wetlands are.  The brochure also explains questions about easements, land encroachment and what the goals of the Conservation Commission are.  The brochure is ‘generic’ says Ms. Wakefield so as not to be outdated in a couple of years.  She got prices for printing the brochure from Wharf Industries.  The proposed artwork for the brochure will be brought in for discussion at the January ’05 meeting.


Re:  Calitri Property & Little Island Pond Conservation Parcel:


Member Paul Gagnon advised the Commission that he had a chance to blaze the boundaries of the Calitri parcel about a week ago with Dan Cyr the town forester.  They also finished blazing the 4th boundary, the southern boundary of the Little Island Pond Conservation area.  The boundaries have been completed and signs have been placed all around the paremeter saying that it is ‘town of Pelham conservation land’.  Mr. Gagnon reports that the west, north and east boundary of the Calitri Family Conservation area off Poplar Hill Road.  The southern boundary, the New Hampshire/Massachusetts state line, has not been done due to not finding the steel monumentation. There is no stone wall on that boundary; it goes right behind people’s homes where there might be a little encroachment, such as a few plants, but nothing serious says Mr. Gagnon.  Mr. Cyr is not a licensed surveyor so he has to find monumentation such as drilled holes in granite, or steel rods that indicate property lines says Mr. Gagnon.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF 12/8/2004 as amended.  VOTE 6-0.


Moved to go into Non-Public Session per RSA 91-A-3.


Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.                        Respectfully submitted,

                                                                        Glennie M. Edwards, Recording Secretary