Minutes from Washington Street Site walk

November 5, 2011


Attendance: Dave Hennessey, Peter McNamara, Bob Molloy from BOA

 Karen MacKay, Glennie Edwards from Conservation Committee

Applicant Mr. Zohdi, Mr. Gendron and Wes Aspinwall



Chairman Hennessey called the meeting to order.

Mr. Gendron explained where the structure would be placed on the lot. He identified the stakes and plans; stating everything with the structure would be above grade.

Mr. Zohdi stated the all of the building will be out of the flood zone.

An abutter Charles Baker had removed the flood insurance due to being out of the Flood zone.

He was asked about the water between the lot and his garage and was asked how high it rose. It was described that the water between his lot and the applicant lot circles around the rear of the lot.

 Karen McKay asked about water flow to the lot. Wes Aspinwall states that it flows around and the lot was filled in many years ago.

The group walked to the opposite side of the lot to check out the culvert. Mr. Zohdi stated it was adequate for the building proposed.

Dave Hennessey observes that it is flowing across (below) Washington Street.

Karen MacKay asks where the driveway will be located and was shown where.

It was stated that three quarters of the proposed house and driveway will be in the WCD.

Mr. Hennessey asked if there were more questions then adjourned the meeting.