BOA Site Walk minutes for January 21, 2012

Present: Dave Hennessey, Peter McNamara, Lance Ouellette,(Robert Malloy came later and walked site) Planning Director Jeff Gowan.

From the Conservation Committee:  Lisa Loosigian, Karen Macay, Glennie Edwards and Paul Gagnon.


Case# ZO2011-00029   1st site walk – Gagne Landscaping

Joe Maynard opened up by saying there were 16 pieces of equipment not including employees vehicles that was requested to be kept on site. Equipment included: Bobcats, excavators, backhoe, several dump trucks, and several pickup trucks open and enclosed trailers.

Mr. Maynard stated that Mr. Gagne also had 3 (three) other vehicle’s that were registered to him personally and in that they were lettered with the company name.  Mr. Maynard stated that he believed that the current rules allowed 2 (two) lettered vehicle’s within view.

Mr. Maynard showed the site location for the proposed commercial Building.

Mr. Hennessy asked if there were any questions. Some asked about the neighboring home, WCD areas.  Mr. Maynard said there was a plan to insert trees as a buffer.

Mr. Maynard explained the WCD encroachment and stated it was done previous to Mr. Gagnon’s ownership of the property. He stated that he told Mr. Gagne to put wood chips in the area for stabilization.

Karen Mackay asked if the WCD issues were going to be corrected.  Mr. Maynard stated that the he was working with his client on making it better.

Mr. Maynard pointed out the area where wood processing and cutting was performed.  He stated the wood was for Mr. Gagne’s personal use only. He also stated that there was metal and other item within this are that Mr. Gagne had removed and clean out so that he could utilize that area for wood cutting.

James Fisher of Pelham a friend of Mr. Gagne questioned why firewood cutting could not be performed with this area of the WCD. He asked what the big deal is because he though firewood fell under forestry?  Mr. Hennessey stated that the area was a protected area and no work should be performed in these areas.

Mr. Maynard stated the wood cutting area was going to be removed from the WCD area and planting trees and other items were proposed to bring this back to its original state.

Lisa Loosigian from conservation asked if the flagging was the boundary of the WCD.  She also stated concern for the affected areas in which work was being done in.

Mr. Gagnon from Conservation added that he did not want to see any work being done within the WCD areas, He stated that he would like everything pulled out and like that idea of planting new items and to let the area grow back naturally.

Mr. Maynard was asked what kind of base was in the area of the wood and trailer.  He stated it was a gravel base of stone.

James Fisher noted he had one other item to bring up and that was a comment that was made in a local Pelham/Windham newspaper about Gagne Landscaping. He stated that the comments were derogatory and that the article stated that the writer would be at the site walk; Mr. Fisher asked if that person who wrote the article was in fact there.  There was no response from any members or the public.

Mr. Hennessey asked if there were any more questions, there was no response.