Board of Adjustment Minutes from Mercury Lane Site Walk

December 15, 2012 9:00am


 BOA: LaFrance, Hennessey, McNamara, Molloy

Planning: Gowan

Applicant: Maynard representing the applicant

Various abutter’s and neighbors


Maynard described the area and pointed out where the logging and cutting of logs will operate. He indicated that this was a part time operation. He also pointed out flags where he stated was the wetland limits.

McNamara asked if the area he pointed to for the operation was the only area the applicant would use for logging and would there be any spill over to other properties?  Maynard stated the area where he indicated the logging and stacks would be is the only area that would be used by the applicant.

Maynard also described that smoke comes from the trucks that would be in the area.


A neighbor, Gary Smith asked 5 questions:

1. hours of operation? Maynard stated 7am until dark and was that a problem? Hennessey stated that would be discussed at the next BOA meeting.

2. What about a wood chipper? Maynard says only making firewood and storing chips at the site.

3.  Is the total amount of cutting equal one month a year? Maynard stated it is intermittent.

4. Where are the logs coming from? Concerned about beetle problems from Massachusetts? Maynard stated he would check. Gowan stated that if the variance was granted the planning board would review this.

5. What about children on Mercury lane with large trucks coming and going; they wait for the school bus and play in the area? Neighbor John Lailiberty stated he has children and has seen logging trucks on the street in the morning while waiting for the school bus.

John Salovich stated that he wanted to address the issue of trees coming from Massachusetts that may be infested with the Asian long horned beetle. Will this be prohibited? Gowan commented how do we enforce this?

Mark Hoarty from across the Brook stated he heard the chainsaw operation from sunrise to sunset. He is also concerned that if the variance is granted, can there be future variances on the land? Hennessey stated the variance goes with the land and if there is a request for changes or expansion another variance would be needed.


Gowan spoke about the history of the lot. Maureen Hoarty commented about the noise coming from the work on the lot.

Jim Lailiberty asked about equipment on the site and Maynard stated the only equipment would be the equipment that was present at the time and a logging truck. Lailiberty asked about how the work schedule would be controlled and Maynard indicated that complaints about this could be forwarded to Gowan for investigation. Lailiberty asked about the 100 year flood plan. Maynard showed his map of where it was but Hennessey commented on the inaccuracy of maps with flood plans.

Smith stated there were two logging trucks on the site yesterday. Maynard did not know about the trucks.

Hoarty asked about road safety on Mercury Lane again. And Gowan stated the planning board would be reviewing some of these concerns.

McNamara asked about the size of the log stacks and Maynard stated the stacks size could be doubled.

Salovich asked about the power lines over the road.

Hennessey reminded all to attend the January meeting to discuss these concerns and after a motion the site walk meeting was adjourned.