BOA Site Walk Minutes for April 20th, 2013


First Site Walk, Case #ZO2013-00014, Thomas & Tanya Kosik






BOA Members: Dave Hennessey, Peter McNamara, Chris LaFrance, Svetlana Paliy, Pauline Guay

Conservation Commission: Paul Gagnon, Karen Mackay

Engineer: Shayne Gendron

Planning Board: Mike Sherman

Applicant: Tom Kosik

Neighbors: Sonny Kosik, Paul Goupil, Linda Rouleau


Mr. Gendron explained project showing the location of the WCD buffer, proposed house location, and also the proposed detached garage location.


Karen Mackay asked how high the grade would be coming up.


Mr. Gendron responded saying that the grade would be raised approximately 3’ in height.


The sight was then walked; Mr. Gendron explained the layout of the house and the garage and reasons for.


Paul Gagnon noticed the seasonal stream out back and considered the lot to be a prime wetland.


Linda Rouleau asked if the area was in the 100 year flood plain.


Mr. Gendron replied that yes the lot was within the 100 year flood plain.


Svetlana Paliy mentioned the up rooted trees stating that it resulted from a high water table.


Pauline Guay asked about the brook and how high the water could come up.


Paul Gagnon then asked if any of the neighbors were around during the Mother’s Day flood. Some of the neighbors stated that there was standing water on the lot.


Tom Kosik stated that he has never seen the lot flooded even in the worst of conditions.


Karen Mackay asked what the distance from the proposed house corner to the wetland was.


Mr. Gendron responded saying that the distance was approximately 10ft.



Peter McNamara asked if the proposed driveway would be on the town road portion.


Mr. Gendron responded yes and that he would explain at the following ZBA meeting.


Meeting Adjourned at approximately 9:25






Second Site Walk, Case #Z02013-00013, David & Mary Tanner






BOA Members: Dave Hennessey, Svetlana Paliy, Lance Ouellette, Chris LaFrance, Pauline Guay, Kevin O’ Sullivan

Engineer: Joe Maynard

Applicant: Dave Tanner

Potential Buyer: Gildas Bettencourt

Neighbors: Bill & Stella Burns, Jeff & Kristen Hanulec, Steven King, Nicole Dean


Mr. Maynard explained the layout and location of the proposed drive thru.


Dave Hennessey made clear that the drive through would only be a single lane.


Mr. Maynard explained that there would be a single drive through lane with a bypass lane next to it.


Mr. Maynard then explained the drive thru exit location showing the curb cut in the existing parking lot that would be eliminated. The area would then be replaced with a large landscape burm.


Pauline asked what the expected wait time of the drive thru would be.


Mr. Bettencourt stated that it would be 2 minutes.


Lance Ouellette asked about the landscape berm vs. a retaining wall option.


Mr. Maynard stated that the landscape buffer would be a berm as mentioned at the prior meeting.


Kevin O’ Sullivan asked about the potential lighting.


Mr. Maynard responded that all lighting would be shielded; improvements would be made to the front, and the approx. hrs. of operation would be 5am to 9pm.


Pauline asked where the ac units would be relocated to.


Mr. Maynard responded stating that they would be two options. Either on the front side of the building located up in the newly built dormers or on the left side of the building.


Bill Burns asked what type of road changes would be made for the enhanced traffic flow.


Mr. Maynard mentioned that the curb cuts are an issue and the openings on Valley Hill will be reduced.


Jeff Hanulec asked how many cars would be expected per day.


Mr. Bettencourt responded that the number would be around 500.


Bill Burns mentioned that he had the same concerns on the traffic flow.


Jeff Hanulec asked how wide the area around the building would be paved.


Mr. Maynard responded that the area would be paved 14’ wide on the drive thru corner. It would then be increased in size to allow for the bypass lane.


Kristen Hanulec stated her concern about traffic flow and property values. She explained how they enjoy there yard space and are concerned on the impact of the proposed expansion.


Steven King mentioned his concern on the traffic backup on Mammoth Rd.


Mr. Maynard responded that there would be a 10-12 car stacking distance to meet standards.


Steven King had a concern of the noise projecting from the ordering mic/speaker.


Meeting Adjourned at approximately 10:30