The principal function of the committee is to advise and make recommendations to the Cable Coordinator and Board of Selectmen regarding contract compliance and to act as advisors if requested. Also to act as intermediaries regarding contract compliance and subscriber complaints if requested. And to perform specific functions as requested by the Cable Coordinator, re-negotiation strategy.

Also to act as an advocate for the Townspeople, in accordance with the Constitution of the United States, that PEG Access. "public access",, be a first Amendment forum for expression that is protected by the Constitution and to insure the rights of the Townspeople to the use of said access from attempt to block this free expression by any acts of censorship or control by cable companies or local government bodies. (Per CTAC vote of February 21, 1996)



Membership on the Committee shall consist of an unlimited number of voting members. Members shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen to a three year term to be terminated before the three year term by either A) resignation or B) three consecutive unexcused absences from meetings.

Individual members may not act in the name of CTAC without the express approval of CTAC as a body. Each member can address an area of concern as a member of CTAC.

The following shall be ex-officio members with non-voting privileges:

a. Selectmen's Representative (reaffirmed Feb. 21, 1996)

b. School Coordinator

c. School Board Representative

The Cable Coordinator shall be a permanent voting member of CTAC. (per Board of Selectmen vote of July 7, 1992).



The officers of the Committee shall be the Chairman and Vice Chairman to be elected by majority vote of members present annually at the regularly scheduled March Committee meeting.

 Duties of the Officers are as follows:


Chairman - shall preside over the meetings and address the agenda.

Vice-Chairman - shall preside over the meetings in the absence of the Chairman.



 The Committee will meet monthly with more frequent meetings established by the will of the Committee. Special meetings may be called upon the request of the Chairman or the Cable Coordinator. Notice of all meetings (including special meetings) will be provided to all Committee members, the ex-officio members and the Cable Coordinator at least 48 hours prior to the meeting. Notice of such meetings shall conform to local requirements and State Statutes.


A majority vote by voting members present at any meeting shall be necessary to take action, except as specified in Article VI. Items not appearing on the agenda may be discussed but not voted upon. General parliamentary rules will be observed in conducting meetings.



 These By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the membership present at any regular monthly meeting provided that a minimum of 20 days written notice of changes is provided.



 The Cable Television Advisory Committee shall:

  1. recommend annual objectives for the Cable Television Department
  2. recommend procedures under which the Cable Television Department will operate including such areas as programs to be conducted, fees and charges and use of facilities.
  3. provide support for a budget necessary to meet the goals and obligations of the Cable Department to the appropriate legislative bodies.
  4. support the established policies and services of the Cable Department within the Community.
  5. attend and support the work of the NFLCP and other appropriate voluntary organizations to keep informed and improved cable service and programming in the Town of Pelham.
  6. maintain an open mind in all of its work, making decisions which are in the best interest of the total community .



Adopted March 30, 1988


"Any reference to the "Cable System Franchise Agreement" (Contract) must include the page number, section letter, and paragraph that pertains to the issue to be discussed."



 Adopted March 30,1 1988

 "A "written report of findings" will be submitted to the Cable Coordinator regarding any issue of complaint or concern by the public or any issue of contract compliance or any other issue that the CTAC is asked to intercede into by the Cable Coordinator. (Also adopted by the Pelham Board of Selectmen August 16, 1988)



These By-Laws were accepted by the Board of Selectmen September 1, 1992


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