Ballroom Dancing

Instructor: Thomas Martin

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Pelham Parks and Recreation has teamed up with Feel the Rhythm Ballroom to bring you Ballroom Dancing lessons.

WHO -  Classes are open to ages 16 to 106

WHEN -  Wednesdays , 4 weeks  October 16th thru November 6th

CHOICES - 6:30-7:30PM  Rumba / Cha-Cha

             7:30-8:30PM  Swing / Salsa

WHERE - Feel the Rhythm Ballroom, 1794 Bridge St Dracut, MA (Rte 38)

COST - $60.00 single / $100 couple

The goal of the class is to help beginner students become more comfortable with all aspects of dancing in a social setting.  A social setting is a non-competitive venue with the primary purpose of dancing in mind.  Examples of a social setting would be a studio party, a wedding reception, or a college dance social.  This course assumes no prior dance experience, so students will be instructed in all important phases of social dancing, such as:

Timing - Floorcraft - Leading / Following Ability - Basic Technique - Social Etiquette.

Knowledge of these key areas should make every student comfortable enough to come participate at one of our studio parties by the time the course is complete. They may also be ready to proceed onto the intermediate social program, or one of the competitive programs.  To further facilitate growth in these areas, time will be set aside every class to practice what the students have learned in that class, and the prior class.