Pelham Ice Garden

Over 30 Coed Pond hockey Rules


** There are no referees  **

** Games are self policed **

** Game cancellations will be posted on homepage of this website **


1. Games are played 3 on 3.  Substitutions are allowed.  Players may substitute on the fly and must tag the player coming off the ice before entering the game.  Roster maximum is 6 players.

2. Games are 40 minutes long consisting of (2) 20 minute running time halves with a 2 minute half time.

3. All goals need to be scored from the attacking half of the ice.  (offensive zone)

4. Hockey Helmet and skates are required.  Shin pads - elbow pads - mouth guards - gloves are strongly recommended

5. There are no goalies.  No goalie equipment or goalie sticks allowed.  Players can not park themselves in front of the goal.  Players can not lay their stick or body down to protect the goal.

Pond Hockey Goal

6. There is NO checking or body contact.

7. There are NO slap shots.  Sticks may not come above the knee.

8. There is NO raising the puck.  Puck must remain on the ice with the exception of saucer passes.  Saucer passes must remain below knee level.

9. If puck goes out of play, possession goes to the team who DID NOT touch it last.  The defending team must provide 2 stick lengths to their opponent during restart of play.

10. There are no offsides or icing.

11. Rule infractions result in change of possession.

12. Teams must give their opponents 1/2 ice after a goal or infraction takes place.