November 28, 2000






PRESENT:           Mr. William McDevitt, Ms. Deb Casey, Mr. Harold Lynde (arrived shortly after the minutes were reviewed), Mr. James Hardy; Mr. Greg Farris


Also present:       Mr. James Pitts, Town Administrator, members of the press and general public.


ABSENT:             None


Chairman McDevitt opened the meeting at approximately 6:30 pm.




November 14, 2000


MOTION:             (Farris/Casey) To accept the minutes of the November 14, 2000 Board meeting as amended.


VOTE:                  (2 - 0 - 2) The motion carries.  Ms. Casey and Mr. Hardy abstained




Mr. McDevitt acknowledged the members of the public, and advised that the item on the agenda regarding the acceptance for the petition Warrant Article for fixed winged aircraft and helicopter ordinance was strictly procedural.  He informed that the Selectmen would not be voting on this, but rather referring it to the Planning Board.  Ms. Casey informed the public that the Planning Board’s public hearing for this would be on December 18, 2000.  Mr. McDevitt read the Warrant Article aloud.


Mr. Hardy wanted the Board to take under consideration the fact that certain residents had been operating their aircraft for many years with no complaints.  He also said that during certain instances, those people had assisted in public safety issues.  Ms. Casey added that the Planning Board was reviewing vested rights.


Mr. Norman Hamm, 22 Greely Road, appeared before the Board to discuss the petition Warrant Article for fixed winged aircraft and helicopter ordinance.  He felt the ordinance, as written, was restrictive totally without examination of individual circumstances.  He respectfully recommended that the Board review existing rules regulations.  Mr. Hamm pointed out that in an emergency situation the Town would need aviation for a number of reasons.  He also said that not every residential zone was red-flagged for safety.  There are certain areas, which are large and spacious.  He ended by reiterating his request that the restrictions for individual cases were reviewed.


Mr. Robert Bourgeois, 2 Island Pond Road, appeared before the Board to also discuss the petition Warrant Article for fixed winged aircraft and helicopter ordinance.  He asked if the signatures had been verified.  Mr. Hardy said they haven’t been officially verified, but they were all residents of Pelham.  Mr. Bourgeois informed that pilots receive more training time than automobile drivers do.  He said that part of emergency training is to steer away from populated areas.  He informed that the owner of the helicopter has applied to all FAA rules and regulations as well as offering assistance to the Police and Fire Departments.  He discussed the type of hours for training, on the ground and in the air, that are required.  Mr. Bourgeois ended by saying limiting people’s sports/hobbies was un-American.


Mr. Nate Boutwell, Bridge Street, appeared before the Board to also discuss the petition Warrant Article for fixed winged aircraft and helicopter ordinance.  He informed that he was a government-licensed pilot of various types of aircraft.  He felt that flying was too important to ban for an isolated incidence.  He offered his assistance for any questions or concerns.  He ended by saying he would like to have the petition stopped before it went to ballot.


Mr. Dave Picard, appeared before the Board to also discuss the petition Warrant Article for fixed winged aircraft and helicopter ordinance.  He said that his family had aided and assisted law enforcement in the past.  He felt that growing up around aviation was a positive role model.  He informed that safety barriers for aviation were extremely high.  He wasn’t aware of any problems flying over the lake.  He ended by saying he couldn’t imagine life without aviation. 


Mr. Farris asked if the FAA in Nashua would be able to inform of air traffic density.  Mr. Boutwell informed that that would cover not all aircraft due to certain VFR (visual flight rules) aircraft.  Mr. Picard gave a brief description regarding VFR.  Mr. Farris asked about records showing near misses.  Mr. Picard  said that the NTSB would have more accurate information.










Mr. McDevitt started off by saying he had revised the Warrant Article based on the Board’s suggestions, and he asked them to review.  He read the revised version aloud.  Mr. Farris suggested that the words “alternative sites” be added.  Mr. Lynde and Ms. Casey briefly discussed additional wording.  Mr. McDevitt said he would rewrite for next week’s meeting.




The Board discussed the balance and disbursement amounts and what type of buffer was remaining.  It was also pointed out to possibly raise the amount to avoid a spike in the future.


Mr. Pitts explained the amounts provided.  He said in 1999 approximately $230,000 was put in, and approximately $254,000 was taken out.  There was notification of a 9.4% increase (approximately  $24,000), which was how the raised amount was calculated. 


The Board discussed the accumulative interest and how it is absorbed.


MOTION:           (Lynde/Casey) To change the amount to $255,000.


VOTE:                 (4 - 1 - 0) The motion carries. Mr. Hardy voted no, based on the point Mr. Pitts brought                               up.







The Board discussed the purchase amount and what would be taken out of the existing budget.  The cost of the vehicle was then discussed.  It was decided to word the Warrant Article as voted during the November 14, 2000 Board meeting.  Mr. Pitts will draft a Warrant Article and contact the Board before attending the Budget Committee meeting.




Mr. McDevitt had a meeting (a couple months ago) with two gentlemen from Southern NH Services to discuss subsidized elderly housing for income eligible persons.  During that meeting, they discussed the types of parcels wanted, in which the Sherburne School property was brought up.  Mr. McDevitt hadn’t heard from the gentlemen since, but had recently received a letter, which he read aloud.  The letter spoke of the desire to use a portion of the Sherburne property for HUD (Housing & Urban Development) buildings.  Mr. McDevitt suggested that the gentlemen meet with the Board to discuss the possibilities. 


Ms. Casey pointed out that Pelham residents wouldn’t be given priority through the HUD program. 


Mr. Farris spoke of the traffic in the area and noted that there had been talk of reclaiming the Town Center. 


Mr. Lynde brought up the point that the Sherburne land and Town Center was used for various activities and if it were no longer available, he was unsure what other options there would be. 


Mr. Hardy felt the proposal was premature and after the 2001 Town Meeting the Board may have a better feel regarding the use of the school and land.  He suggested that a needs assessment be performed.  Ms. Casey said there was one done for the general area in connection with low-income elderly housing. 


There was a brief discussion regarding what answer to provide to the Southern NH Services.  Mr. McDevitt said he would contact.




Mr. Pitts informed of a new law regarding SB2 Towns and school districts, which provides for three separate timetables for elections.  He gave the dates for March, April & May and the time frames between the sessions. 


The Board briefly discussed the proposal and decided they would rather not change the dates.




Mr. McDevitt suggested that the Board revisit the possibility of creating a policy.  The Board briefly discussed.  No conclusion was made.




Mr. McDevitt informed that Chief Hagland requested a replacement in his absence December 1 - 2, 2000.


MOTION:           (Hardy/Casey) To appoint Sgt. Michael to be in charge in Chief Hagland’s absence.


VOTE:                 (5 - 0 - 0) The motion carries.


Mr. McDevitt informed there was a meeting with Mr. Craig Musselman regarding the Transfer Station.  He informed that the DOT contracts were coming in high and the bids, in comparison to other communities were coming in considerably higher.  Mr. McDevitt noted that in a previous meeting, Mr. Patrick Griffith from Waste Management, had made a proposal to do the construction.  Ms. Casey said that the bid was for construction as well as a cost for tip and transfer. 


Mr. Lynde asked if the open top container is still being kept in mind.  Ms. Casey said it was discussed and she noted that Mr. Musselman informed that, with regard to weight, not as much trash could be held within an open-top container.  She noted that special equipment would have to be purchased for compacting.  She said that as far as bids, it opens things up to include the open-top container. 


Mr. Hardy suggested that Mr. Mason speak to the Board to discuss the possibilities. 


There was a discussion regarding the cost and equipment needed for compacting.  Mr. Lynde brought up the following points regarding the open-top container:  1) Mechanical; 2) Electric; 3) No limit for the amount of furniture; 4) Open to other contractors.  He suggested getting an estimate of weight for open-top containers.  Ms. Casey informed that the Town is currently able to get more tonnage due to the compactors.  It was decided to review having a swap-shop. 




Mr. Pitts said he was informed that a truckload of windows left at the transfer station after hours.  He said it was a recurring problem.  Security options were discussed and it was decided to review security options with Chief Hagland. 


Mr. Pitts said the Pelham Police Relief Association sponsored a holiday dance for the 7th & 8th graders.  He said it was a successful event and over 300 canned goods were gathered for the food pantry.


Mr. Pitts then read a letter of appreciation from the Police & Fire Departments to Don Foss commending the actions of the road crew during the first inclement weather of the season.


Ms. Casey informed that the December 4, 2000 Planning Board Meeting would be the last one before going to ballot, with regard to Open Space Development.  She then informed that the Planning Board’s December 18, 2000 meeting would be for the three ordinances (fixed wing/helicopter, open space development and wetland).


Mr. Farris said the last Park & Rec. meeting centered on the 1, 3 & 5-year plans for the parks in which ideas for Muldoon, Veterans, Raymond & Memorial park were discussed.  He said any budget requests would be backed by the plan.  He said the youth basketball plan was underway.  He thanked the volunteers.   Mr. Farris said there were several questions regarding the gas line crossing the Muldoon & Raymond parks.

Mr. Farris informed that the Scouts were looking for support for goals and perspectives regarding the expansion of their facilities at Muldoon and Raymond.  He said there was a question regarding the timber fees generated and if they should have been added to the fund at Raymond.  Mr. Lynde asked if anyone addressed the need for fields.  Mr. Farris said it was all included in the plans.


Mr. Lynde informed that Conservation would be meeting Wednesday.  Mr. Lynde asked about the Granite State Electric increase and asked if NHMA would get involved.  Mr. Pitts said NHMA was going to, but not enough Town’s were interested.  Mr. Hardy said that even though the Granite State rate was going up, it was still less expensive than public service in New Hampshire.  Mr. Pitts will review.


Mr. McDevitt informed the Board would not be meeting December 26, 2000 and the January 2, 2001 meeting would be the call of the Chair. 


Mr. McDevitt said the historical marker for the Abbott Bridge is in the process of being ordered and would be installed in the spring. 


Mr. McDevitt read aloud a section of a letter (dated November 16, 2000) received from the DES regarding the oil spill behind the incinerator.  The letter informed that the investigation has been satisfied due to:

1) all DES requirements from the site have been adequately addressed, and 2) based on the information, all sources of ground water contamination of the subject site, discovered during the site investigation,  have been eliminated and ambient ground water quality standards are met throughout the site.  


Mr. McDevitt said Sunday at 4pm the Yuletide Celebration sponsored by the Fire Department would be held.


Mr. Farris thanked the Garden Club for decorating the Town Center.




MOTION:           (Hardy/Casey) To adjourn the meeting.


VOTE:                 (5 - 0 - 0) The motion carries.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.


                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                          Charity A. L. Willis

                                                                                          Recording Secretary