June 26, 2001 







Ms. Deb Casey, Mr. Greg Farris, Mr. William McDevitt, Mr. Harold Lynde, Mr. Jean-Guy Bergeron


Also present:



Mr. James Pitts, Town Administrator, members of the press and general public.




Chairperson Casey opened the meeting at approximately 6:40 pm.








Senator Klemm, presentation to NH VFW Police Officer of the Year


Senator Klemm presented both Sergeant Roark and Detective Pickles with  proclamations from the state Senate that honored the officers for their exemplary work.


Police Lieutenant promotion ceremony


Town Moderator, Phil Currier performed the ceremony, which promoted Sergeant Roark to the position of Lieutenant.  Ms. Kerrie MacDonald, Lieutenant Roark’s fiancée, pinned the bars of rank on the new Lieutenant.  Mrs. Mary Roark, Lieutenant Roark’s mother, pinned the Lieutenant’s badge on him.


Mr. George Lombardo, DES, Re: Bergeron Junkyard


Mr. Bergeron stepped down. 


Mr. George Lombardo, DES, addressed the Selectmen regarding the Bergeron Junkyard.  He informed that Mr. Bergeron had fully completed the requests of the department.  He said that most recently the DES had requested that a site investigation report be done which would identify the extent of contamination and would help assess the information to know what clean up would be necessary. 


Mr. McDevitt asked for an explanation of the Level II SI that was requested by Ms. Sarah Kern, DES.  Mr. Lombardo said that a Level I report would be requested if the contaminants were localized in which they would have only a few monitor wells and the extent of the sampling was less.  He went on to say that a Level II report better defined the spread of contamination by having more monitoring wells and soil sampling. 


Mr. Lynde asked what follow up action would be needed if any.  Mr. Lombardo said the report would provide that answer.  He said they were focusing on reducing the concentration of contamination in the old burden ground water.  Mr. Lynde asked if DES had reviewed and was satisfied that the continuing operation would not contribute to the further contamination of the soil.  Mr. Lombardo said DES didn’t regulate junkyards, but they didn’t believe that there were any activities, which would cause additional discharge.  He said the primary source was a floor drain in the dismantling garage that led to the dry well.  He said it had been closed since 1999. 


Mr. McDevitt asked for a brief explanation of DES’s residential or commercial standards.  Mr. Lombardo said if a contaminate leached into ground water, than the residential standards, which were the highest, would be used.  He said that the other standard (commercial) would be based on the exposure to the soil.


Ms. Casey asked how long DES would be assessing the property.  Mr. Lombardo said that DES had provided a 90-day period to submit a report.  Ms. Casey asked how long the monitoring wells would be on site.  Mr. Lombardo said the ground water would be monitored until it met the water standard.  Mr. Lynde asked how long the process would take.  Mr. Lombardo said that similar sites took 3-5 years before a full remedy was completed. 


Mr. Lombardo discussed MBtE and said that Senator Klemm told him that an ethers remediation bill had just passed, which would give DES more funding to address contaminations.  He said that on the federal level they were trying to opt out of the reformulated gasoline program.  Mr. Lynde discussed the bill that passed which directed DES to opt out no later than January 1, 2004.  He said there was still a need to change the federal statute to give the flexibility and not require the use of oxygenates.  He ended by reiterating that people can help the effort to stop contamination by using caution when handling gasoline and such at their residence. 


Diane Gorrow, Esquire, Junkyard license applications


Ms. Casey informed that the purpose of the non-public session was to discuss the F. Gendron Corporation court case with Council. 





(Lynde/McDevitt) Request for a non-public session per RSA 91-A:3,II,c and e (legal).




Ms. Casey-Yes; Mr. Farris-Yes; Mr. McDevitt-Yes; Mr. Lynde-Yes; Mr. Bergeron stepped down.


The Selectmen entered into a non-public session at approximately 7:10pm.  Also present was Mr. Pitts.


The returned to public session at approximately 8:10pm.  Ms. Casey informed that the Selectmen would address the 2001 license application for F. Gendron on July 10, 2001. 






(McDevitt/Lynde) To grant an additional 90-day extension under the Town Health Regulations to Mr. Bergeron.


(4 - 0 - 1) The motion carries.  Mr. Bergeron previously stepped down. 


Mr. Bergeron returned to the Board. 


Interview for Library Trustee position / Interview for Alternate Library Trustee position


Ms. Bonnie Barbaro, 6 Gordon Drive appeared before the Board to apply for a Library Trustee position. 


Mr. McDevitt asked what her reasons were for wanting the position.  Ms. Barbaro said that she and her children used the library and felt that she could give insight and contribute to the community.


There was a discussion regarding whose position Ms. Barbaro would fill due to the fact that the term for the open position had previously expired.  Mr. Farris noted that normally trustee positions were elected by Town vote, but the Selectmen were allowed to appoint a person for a term until the next vote took place. 






(Lynde/McDevitt) To appoint Ms. Bonnie Barbaro as Library Trustee with a term effective until the next Town election.


(5 - 0 - 0) The motion carries.


The applicant for the Alternate Library Trustee was unable to attend and would therefore be rescheduled. 


Mr. Bob Tryon, Parks and Recreation Director, Parks and Recreation Summer Program Master Plan


Mr. Bob Tryon, Park and Recreation Director, had provided the Selectmen with a 7-year master plan for Park and Recreation, which would cover the years of 2001 - 2007.


Mr. McDevitt was concerned that the plan discussed the creation of two playing fields this summer at the Mills property.  He asked for clarification.   Mr. Tryon explained that the Master Plan was an overview draft and not final.  He said the Mills property deed had been reviewed and allowed for a portion of the property to be used for fields.  Ms. Casey asked if Mr. Tryon was aware that there had been discussions regarding the use of the backfields.  Mr. Tryon said it had been taken into consideration.  He said that the Mills property could contain two fields in one year versus the Sherburne School property, which would take three years to possibly create two fields.


Mr. Lynde believed that a breakdown of the number of current teams and current need would be helpful.  He wanted to know how many fields were currently needed.  Mr. Tryon felt that four additional baseball fields were needed.  Mr. Lynde asked how much land would be needed.  Mr. Tryon discussed the possibilities of the present fields being reconfigured to create additional fields.  Mr. Lynde felt the plan should be broken down further to project the current needs of the Town and the hours of operation. 


Ms. Casey asked if the new field at Raymond Park had been taken into consideration when the plan was drafted.  Mr. Tryon said it hadn’t been because it was not currently a field and there were no guarantees that it would be completed. 


Mr. Farris said during the last year he had worked with Mr. Tryon and discussed the Mills property.  He said the Sawmill Road portion had been reviewed.  He believed that the creation of two fields at the Mills property would create flexibility at Muldoon.  He felt that if field expansion was attained and Memorial School used the fields that the school should help maintain the fields as well.  He felt that when the plan was completed it could be added into the Master Plan and should also be part of CIP. 


Ms. Casey asked that the plan include a park by park recommendation, a section for passive recreation and include access to the brooks.  She then noted the sections she liked, such as a recreation center, skate park, sledding, new restrooms for Muldoon, etc.


Mr. Lynde asked for more information of neighborhood playgrounds.  Mr. Tryon explained that the playgrounds were an area within a neighborhood where people could congregate and socialize for passive recreation.  He felt this space should be considered when new developments were being created.  Mr. Lynde asked how much land would be needed for the parks.  Mr. Tryon said there were no current guidelines.  He then discussed the upgrading of the current parks and spoke of the amount of money needed to complete studies at the current parks.  He suggested putting money aside for studies to be performed. 


Mr. Farris believed that a lot of the planning began with the Planning Board and developers.  Mr. Tryon discussed the East side of Town and the need for facilities in that area. 


Mr. Lynde reiterated that the number of current teams, growth pattern and the number of fields needed to handle the growth should be reviewed.


Mr. McDevitt encouraged Mr. Tryon to define neighborhood parks so that the Planning Board would have guidance when discussing with developers.  Mr. Farris wanted to note that the intention for creating neighborhood parks was not generate a large flow of traffic. 


Mr. Tryon said he would like to review lighting the present fields and increase their usage to help save money on developing.  He said there were people in the community which were willing to work to create recreation areas.  He also wanted review of  a year-round indoor community center. 


Mr. McDevitt believed some areas would be easy to implement.  Mr. Tryon said he would present an outline when he gave his budget presentation.  Ms. Casey asked when a more in depth analysis/presentation would be ready for review.  Mr. Tryon felt that he could have the research done by August. 


Mr. Lynde requested that the in depth analysis breakdown of the types of teams and the projection of growth of teams.  Mr. McDevitt asked that a park by park overview be done as well as defining neighborhood parks.  Ms. Casey asked that passive recreation and access to the brooks be addressed.


Mr. Tryon informed that there were twenty-four people on a waiting list that could be accommodated if he was allowed to hire an additional staff member.  Ms. Casey asked if he had a specific person in mind.  Mr. Tryon said no.  Mr. McDevitt asked if he would remain in budget with the additional staff.  Mr. Tryon answered yes.  Mr. Lynde confirmed that the position would be a part-time summer staff. 


There was a consensus by the Selectmen to allow Mr. Tryon to hire an additional staff member.  Ms. Casey asked that Mr. Tryon provide the name to the Selectmen so they could make a public announcement.








Ms. Casey announced that any persons that did not vote during the 2000 or 2001 elections must re-register to vote at the Pelham Senior Center - Tuesday, June 26, 2001 between 6pm-8pm, Friday July 6, 2001 between 6pm-8pm or Friday, July 13, 2001 between 6pm-8pm.  She said that people could also register to vote at the Town Clerk’s Office.


Setting of fees for snowplowing private ways


Mr. Pitts said that at a previous meeting plowing cost was estimated at $2800 per mile.  He said that after review of the numbers of a Town truck versus a contracted the estimate had been adjusted to $2485 per mile, which would be rounded off to the nearest $25.  He said that the measuring of the road lengths for the previously deemed emergency roads had been done.  Mr. Pitts said he divided the road length as measured by the cost per mile and now has a cost for the roads.  Mr. Lynde asked if dead end streets would have the same cost for distance.  Mr. Pitts answered yes.  Mr. Pitts then read aloud the road lengths and cost for plowing.  Ms. Casey confirmed that the amount calculated would be the cost for plowing for the entire season.  Mr. Pitts answered yes. 


Mr. Farris noted that Spring Street Extension was noted in the list, but by betterment assessment would be a Town road by fall. 


Mr. McDevitt asked if the road conditions were being conveyed to the owners.  Mr. Pitts said the letter to abutters would include what work needed to be done on the roads to bring the road up to a plowable standard, the cost for plowing for the season and the date for inspection. 


Mr. Ergendino Perrone, 1 Little Island Park, said that a letter had been submitted to Mr. Pitts regarding the creation of a turn-around on Little Island Park.  He discussed the divide in his  road and wanted to know if the Town would plow it.  Mr. Pitts said the fee was calculated on the length of the road but because of the split would discuss the plowing with Mr. Don Foss, Road Agent.  Ms. Casey said that once the concerns of the other residents were addressed Mr. Perrone’s concern would be reviewed.  Mr. Perrone said there were thirteen homes on the street and only five year-round residents.  He asked if there was a way for the other owners to prevent the road from being plowed.  Ms. Casey said no, as long as the fee for plowing was paid and the road was deemed plowable.


Mr. Roger LeMay, West Shore Drive, asked when the money for plowing was due.  Mr. Pitts said the roads would be inspected in August and the money would be due in October (specific date has yet to be set). 




Mr. Pitts noted that the inspection of the temporary easement was completed at Raymond Park and the value of the trees was minimal.  He said that he and the Town Administrator from Windham were working together to create a joint proposal for the Selectmen of Pelham and Windham regarding the Castle Hill Bridge.  Mr. Pitts ended by informing that a Police cruiser had been totaled in a one-car accident, the officer was mildly injured.  He said that he was satisfied that Police Department had appropriate training and policies in place.  He said that the State Police had done and investigation and would provide a report.  Ms. Casey asked how the cruiser would be replaced.  Mr. Pitts said it would be replaced primarily through insurance. 


Mr. Bergeron read from a report submitted by Mr. Bruce Mason, Superintendent of the Solid Waste Facility on June 21, 2001.  He said that Mr. Leo Travers of the Hudson Haz Mat Team had come and taken pictures of the Town’s facility.  He read aloud a letter Mr. Travers sent a letter to DES praising the Town’s conversion from incinerating to recycling.  Mr. Bergeron ended by informing that Monday June 18, 2001 the glass crusher was jammed, but Mr. Mason hoped to have it up and running shortly.


Mr. Farris said that the Cable Committee met last Thursday.  He said that Attorney Peter Epstein was creating a draft agreement of what the Town had gained and not gained.  He said he would provide a copy to the Selectmen.  He then informed that CIP met and would have request forms in from Department Heads at their next meeting.  CIP hopes to have final copies submitted to the Budget Committee by mid September. 


Mr. McDevitt wanted to say that his reason for his previous motion granting the 90-day extension to Mr. Bergeron was based on legal procedures followed which would be reviewed.  He ended by informing that the Annual Strawberry Festival would be held Saturday, June 30, 2001 between 11am-3pm at the Senior Center. 


Ms. Casey said that she, Mr. Pitts and Mr. McDevitt had attended the VFW ceremony in which Detective Pickles and Officer Roark received their commendations from the VFW.  She said the ceremony was nice and noted that it was wonderful to see the Police Department getting such accolades. 


Mr. Pitts believed a vote was needed to establish the fees for plowing.  Mr. Lynde made a motion that the fee shall be $2500 per mile for plowing.  Mr. McDevitt seconded and added that the fee would be for the roads discussed (and previously deemed emergency ways).  He wanted to make it clear that the fee would not apply to any private roads that were not previously plowed by the Town.







The fee shall be $2500 per mile for plowing the roads previously deemed emergency ways.


(5 - 0 - 0) The motion carries. 



(McDevitt/Lynde) To seal the minutes of the non-public session indefinitely. 




(5 - 0 - 0) The motion carries.




MOTION:           (McDevitt/Lynde) To adjourn the meeting.


VOTE:                 (5 - 0 - 0) The motion carries.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:35 pm.


                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                          Charity A. L. Willis

                                                                                          Recording Secretary