February 19, 2002

APPROVED – March 5, 2002






Ms. Deb Casey, Mr. Greg Farris, Mr. William McDevitt, Mr. Jean-Guy Bergeron, Mr. Hal Lynde (arrived shortly after the meeting started)


Also present:



Mr. Pat MacQueen, Interim Town Administrator, members of the press and general public.




Chairperson Casey opened the meeting at approximately 6:30 pm.




February 12, 2002



(Bergeron/McDevitt) To approve the February 12, 2002 minutes as amended.




(4 - 0 - 0) The motion carries.




Mr. Lynde arrived.


Mr. William Hayes, 9 Pinewood Drive discussed the schedule for Raymond Park improvements.  He said that there would be an early construction season and would like to move forward due to the lack of snow.  He said that the improvements would be done one step at a time.  He said he would like to finish the work that began in December, which was the removal of sand and gravel from the mitigation wetland to the parade ground field.  Mr. Hayes informed that 25% of the work had already been done.  He wanted to advertise for bidders.  He said that the bids would be due by March 15, 2002.  He recommended that the work be done regardless of how the Warrant Articles were voted upon.  He said that a portion of funding was available from Tennessee Gas. 


Ms. Casey wanted to know what course of action would be taken if the Warrant Articles did not pass.  Mr. Hayes believed the articles would pass because there would be no tax impact.  He said that between the Tennessee Gas and mitigation money, the obligation to the state (under the mitigation wetland permit) would be complete.  He felt that Robinson field would be able to look like a field, and the mitigation wetland, the parade ground would be able to be completed.


Mr. Hayes discussed the land clearing at Raymond Park.  He explained that the trees had been removed and the only thing left were three large brush piles that would be burned and an excavator could be used to push the brush and feed the fire.  He said that the cost to complete the job would be $1700, of which he requested $750. 


Mr. Lynde asked if there were still stumps on the ground and wanted to know if they would be used or buried.  Mr. Hayes said there were a couple alternatives and the site could be reviewed. 


There was a brief discussion regarding where the $750 would come from which lead to the following motion.


Mr. Farris asked if the Fire Department was aware that there would be burning.  Mr. Hayes said that he would need a permit and would discuss with the Fire Chief.  He said that the ash would be mixed in with the loam. 



(McDevitt/Lynde) To authorize the expenditure of $750 (from the Tennessee Gas funds) toward the further completion of work on the ball fields at Raymond Park, specifically to be spent for burning brush piles.




(5 - 0 - 0) The motion carries.



(McDevitt/Farris) To allow Mr. Hayes to put together bid specifications, and put them out, so that a response could be received by March 15, 2002.  The bids will follow the normal process and be reviewed by the Town Administrator.




(5 - 0 - 0) The motion carries.












Solid Waste Facility requested improvements


Ms. Casey said the Warrant Article for the transfer station would be coming to a close December 31, 2002.  She had previously requested that Mr. Bruce Mason, Superintendent of the Transfer Station provide a list of items still to be completed.  Mr. Mason provided the following list: 1) fence behind the transfer station still to be added; 2) 48’ x 4’ chain link fence to go along the retaining wall where the incinerators were removed; 3) paint the transfer building roof and install ice dams; 4) 80’ of 6’ commercial grade gutter for the transfer building; 5) lights to be placed at the furniture and newspaper containers.


Mr. Farris requested that when the lights are installed they are temporary, pending phase two of the transfer station.  There was a brief discussion regarding the lights and noted that the electrical for the lights would need to be within code. 



(Bergeron/Farris) To allow Superintendent Bruce Mason to work on the five items he submitted and seek bids or quotes.  Mr. Mason is to come back for discussion if the lighting in number five needs to be permanent.




(5 - 0 - 0) The motion carries.


Mr. MacQueen will handle contacting Mr. Mason.  Ms. Casey asked that Mr. MacQueen check on the status of the grant for removal of the incinerator.  She said that the Town had met the specifications.


DES letter regarding MtBE


Ms. Casey read aloud a letter from Mr. George Lombardo P.E. Administrator Oil Remediation and Compliance Bureau dated February 7, 2002.  The letter noted that the Bureau had not yet completed its review of the report prepared by Mr. Roy F. Westin of DES regarding the Marsh Road MtBE case.  The letter provided a preliminary review of the report.




Mr. MacQueen said that the GEOD firm would be in Town Friday at 1pm to discuss their suggestions for the Town.  He asked if the Selectmen could attend.  Mr. MacQueen will post as a meeting.  He noted that the Police and Fire Chief would also attend. 


Mr. MacQueen said that DES would be in Town Friday morning to review the septic at the transfer station.  Ms. Casey informed that there was still money in last year’s Warrant Article for a design.  Mr. MacQueen said that the Resource Recovery Association indicated that the layout for the transfer station would be sent by the end of the week.  Ms. Casey asked to schedule Mr. Mike Sampson to meet with the Selectmen on March 5, 2002 to discuss the proposed layout. 


Mr. MacQueen explained that what the transfer station was calling a septic system was actually catch basins that connect to a pipe and lead to a leach field.  Mr. Bergeron discussed the system and said that Mr. Pitts had checked with the contractor and believed that a report had been drafted that explained when the tank is pumped, it fills by the next day.  He said it was not septic, but a tank for the outside drains under the trailer.  Ms. Casey believed that the DES had already reviewed and made recommendations.  She asked that Mr. MacQueen review further. 


Mr. MacQueen informed that there would be a meeting regarding the Fire Department impact fee amendments meeting had been posted for March 5, 2002 at 6:30pm.  He said that the Police Department would hold an open house March 2, 2002 from 10am-3pm.  He ended by informing that the Boy Scouts were ready to help with the annual report when it came in at the end of the month. 


Mr. Bergeron informed that the Board of Adjustment held a meeting on February 11, 2002.  He discussed the three cases.  He ended by discussing the Transfer Station.  He said that some of the work had been done to place plastic tubs under the oil tanks. 


Mr. Farris and Mr. Lynde had nothing to report. 


Mr. McDevitt informed that he had attended a seminar regarding West Nile Virus.  He believed that the Town would need to take a position in the near future regarding public education regarding West Nile.  He said that some communities had implemented health ordinances.  Mr. McDevitt said that at the follow up meeting for the community profile he was asked if a handout could be included in the Town Report that listed the organizations in the Town.  The Selectmen discussed the request, and what sources were currently available for people wanting information.  The Selectmen did not object to a handout as long as the Selectmen could review it before it was included with the Town Report.  Ms. Casey suggested contacting the schools to send notices home. 


Mr. McDevitt informed that the Library would hold an open house March 2, 2002 between 10am-2pm.  He said that the Municipal Building Committee communications group was expecting to receive the last draft of the flyer from Bread Loaf in the next couple days.   


Ms. Casey said she had asked Mr. Victor Danevich to meet with the Selectmen March 5, 2002 to give an overview of the technology plan for the Town.  Ms. Casey said that the zoning explanations for the Town Report had not been included in the initial cost and would be an additional $732. 


Mr. Farris said that the Municipal Building would attend community night at the High School, March 6, 2002.  Mr. McDevitt informed that candidates’ night would be held at the Town Hall March 7, 2002 at 7pm.   





(McDevitt/Farris) Request for a non-public session per RSA 91-A:3,II,a (personnel).




Ms. Casey-Yes; Mr. Farris-Yes; Mr. McDevitt-Yes; Mr. Bergeron-Yes; Mr. Lynde-Yes


Ms. Casey noted that when the Board returned, after the non-public session, the Board would not take any other action publicly, except to seal the minutes of the non-public session and to adjourn the meeting.  The Board entered into a non-public session at approximately 7:28 pm.  Also present was Mr. MacQueen.


The Board returned to public session at approximately 7:44pm.




(Farris/Bergeron) To seal the minutes of the non-public session indefinitely.




(5 - 0 - 0) The motion carries.




MOTION:           (Farris/Bergeron) To adjourn the meeting.


VOTE:                 (5 - 0 - 0) The motion carries.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:45 pm.


                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                          Charity A. L. Willis

                                                                                          Recording Secretary