April 30, 2002

APPROVED Ė May 7, 2002






Mr. Greg Farris, Mr. Hal Lynde (arrived shortly after the meeting started), Mr. William McDevitt, Mr. Jean-Guy Bergeron, Mr. Richard Derby


Also present:



Mr. Pat MacQueen, Interim Town Administrator, members of the press and general public.




Chairman Farris opened the meeting at approximately 6:30 pm.




April 16, 2002



(McDevitt/Derby) To approve the April 16, 2002 minutes as amended.




(4 - 0 - 0) The motion carries.








Grievance Hearing





(McDevitt/Bergeron) Request for a non-public session per RSA 91-A:3,II,a & e (personnel & legal).




Mr. Farris-Yes; Mr. Lynde (arrived briefly after the non-public session began); Mr. McDevitt-Yes; Mr. Bergeron-Yes; Mr. Derby-Yes


The Board entered into a non-public session at approximately 6:37 pm.Also present was Mr. MacQueen.


The Board returned to public session at approximately 8:28 pm.


Interview for seasonal Parks and Recreation maintenance position


Mr. Farris began to read the request for a non-public session, but Mr. Bruce Jewett, the applicant did not mind holding a public session.Mr. Farris withdrew his non-public request.


Mr. Bob Tryon, Director Park and Recreation introduced Mr. Bruce Jewett, who was applying for a seasonal maintenance position with the Park and Recreation department.Mr. Tryon said he had previously worked with Mr. Jewett and believed he possessed the required qualifications for the position.He said Mr. Jewett was a self-motivated individual that he highly recommended for the position.He noted that the duties had been explained, including mowing and maintaining specified areas.


Mr. McDevitt wanted to know what the employment dates would be.Mr. Tryon said the employment would be retroactive from April 1, 2002 through October 31, 2002.Mr. Jewett said that he would be available for work beginning in the next week.†††


Mr. Farris said that he had seen Mr. Jewett interact with the children in Biddy Basketball and believed he had the patience for the position.


Mr. Tryon noted that Mr. Jewett had previously had a background check because of his position as supervisor.



(McDevitt/Lynde) To appoint Mr. Bruce Jewett to a seasonal position in the Park and Recreation department effective immediately and ending October 31, 2002.




(5 - 0 - 0) The motion carries.




Junkyard License Application, Coombs Junkyard


Mr. McDevitt said that a public hearing had previously been held regarding issuing a license and there was a hold-up because the property still needed to be surveyed.He believed that the current application should be denied, since the applicant had not provided the required information.He read a portion of RSA 236:121 and asked that Town Counsel provide comment regarding the next steps to be taken regarding the application.


Mr. Bergeron stepped down.


There was a brief discussion regarding what action needed to be taken regarding the application.The pending issues with the application were:1) the need for a certified plot plan, 2) disposal of hazardous waste and(as noted by the Fire Chief), and 3) proper tire storage (as noted by the Fire Chief).Mr. MacQueen said that the party did not currently hold a junkyard license and therefore an automatic cease and desist letter should be issued.Mr. Farris said an application was received which would need action before a letter could be sent.Mr. McDevitt said that per the RSA a Ďfindingí regarding the application was needed.The Board agreed that Mr. MacQueen would send a letter to the applicant noting that failure to comply with the request of the Fire Chief, as well as failure to provide a certified plot plan would result in the application being voted upon at the next Selectmen meeting.†††††


Mr. Bergeron rejoined the Selectmen.


Municipal Project


Mr. McDevitt informed that Breadloaf performed further inspections of the building.Breadloaf indicated that they would like to perform a more intrusive review of the structure.Mr. McDevitt said that as authorized by the Selectmen, he contacted RPF and asked that they forward a proposal regarding possible asbestos abatement.He discussed the proposal sent and noted that the total of part 1 and part 2 totaled $3,050.Mr. McDevitt recommended hiring RFP to serve as a consultant on asbestos abatement and avoidance during the construction project.




(McDevitt/Bergeron) To authorize Mr. MacQueen to sign an agreement - part 1 (pre-construction inspection and reporting) and part 2 (abatement project design and monitoring) with RPF for a total of $3,050.




(5 - 0 - 0) The motion carries.


Mr. McDevitt recommended that the Planning Board be notified and provided plans per RSA 674:54.He said the Planning Board could define what type of plans they would like.


Mr. McDevitt said that Mr. Jim Barrett of Breadloaf requested a letter granting the formal notification to begin work.He said that Town Counsel had built a clause in the agreement (Article 10.4 part 1) that required written notice before work to begin.Mr. MacQueen will draft a letter for Mr. Farris to sign.


Mr. McDevitt said that there would be upcoming questions with certain items that the Town should begin to think about, such as if the crank-down basketball backboards should be kept or if the fold-up cafeteria tables should remain.Mr. Farris suggested that a punch list be created of items needing to be addressed.Mr. Lynde asked that Breadloaf also provide suggestions.Mr. Farris said that Breadloaf could come up with ideas, but they would all come with a price tag.




Mr. Farris noted that any comments needed to be submitted by the end of the week.Mr. MacQueen will review the comments submitted and discuss with the codification company if the comments should be summarized or if a conclusion should be made.Mr. MacQueen said that he received comments from the Planning Director, but not the Planning Board.


Mr. Farris said that he would like to meet with the Planning Board with regard to finalized/approved plans containing street names that had not been shown to the Safety Committee.He was concerned that the Planning Board may be bypassing the regulations.He would like to address the issue when the Planning Board had their meeting with the Selectmen regarding the Municipal Building.Mr. Lynde said that the Planning Director was supposed to put a procedure in place so if the street names werenít approved, building permits would not be issued.Mr. MacQueen said he had received a form requesting the approval of street names.He believed a system might be in place.Mr. Lynde will discuss the issue at the next Safety Committee meeting.†††




Noise Ordinance request


Mr. Farris read aloud a letter submitted to the Selectmen on April 17, 2002, which noted the disturbances of OHRVís in a residential neighborhood.Mr. Lynde believed that a noise ordinance would need to go before Town Meeting.Mr. McDevitt said there had been a proposal in the past for an ordinance, but there had been more people in opposition, than there were in favor.†††




Mr. Charles Wagner, Homestead Road said that a noise ordinance was in part contained within RSA 644:2 (he provided the Selectmen with a copy).Mr. McDevitt believed that the Police would need to enforce.Mr. Wagner didnít feel it was fair to tie up the Police Department with the issue.He would rather have a solution in writing so that the Police Department would not have to be involved.


Mr. McDevitt suggested that as an initial step, the Selectmen could contact the Police Department to set up a meeting with Mr. Wagner.Mr. MacQueen said that any by-law the Town passed would need to be enforced by the Police.He noted that there was a long section of RSAís that discusses the regulation of OHRVís beginning with Section 215a.He suggested that Mr. Wagner contact Fish and Game for additional information regarding the regulation of OHRVís.Mr. MacQueen suggested the possible creation of an ordinance that would prohibit OHRVís in certain residential areas of certain density.


Mr. McDevitt said the Selectmen would have either the Police Chief, or someone from the Police Department contact Mr. Wagner.Mr. Derby noted that the Police Department worked in conjunction with Fish and Game.


Opening of bids, Highway Department


Mr. Farris said that the Town had sought after sealed bids for 36000 GBW/6-wheel cab and chasse, which were due by today.He read aloud the bids received.


Award of paving bids


Mr. Farris said the recommended paving bids had been received back from Mr. Don Foss/Highway Agent as follows: 1) crack sealing - Crack Sealing Inc., 2) paving and related items - P.J. Keating




(Derby/Bergeron) Based on the recommendation of Mr. Don Foss the crack sealing bid shall be awarded to Crack Sealing Inc and the paving and related items bid shall be awarded to P.J. Keating.




(5 - 0 - 0) The motion carries.




Mr. MacQueen asked that someone be appointed to the review committee to discuss the RFP on the Castle Hill Road Bridge and the Tallant Road Bridge.Mr. MacQueen will let Mr. Lynde know when the committee will meet.Mr. MacQueen said that Adelphia forwarded a letter informing of their rates proposed for the twelve-month period beginning August 1, 2002.He said they requested a return letter acknowledging receipt of the package.Mr. McDevitt said that receipt acknowledgement could be sent.Mr. Farris suggested the document be forwarded to Attorney Peter Epstein.Mr. MacQueen will provide Adelphia with the confirmation of receipt and he will send the documents to Attorney Epstein.Mr. MacQueen ended by informing that the Planning Department would close for three hours (12pm-3pm) on Wednesday to complete the organization of the office.


Mr. Bergeron said that Mr. Bruce Mason of the Transfer Station informed that the last load of refracting would be sent out this week.He said that the clean up behind the main building was nearly completed.He said that they were landscaping and seeding and would be creating a parking area for employees behind the office trailer.Mr. Bergeron ended by saying there had been a third-alarm fire, but because smoke detectors were in place, the family and pets were safe.He wanted to iterate how important smoke detectors were.


Mr. Derby had no report.


Mr. Lynde had no report.


Mr. McDevitt spoke to Mr. Steve Williams of NRPC to find out if funds were available relative to the Pelham Center traffic proposal.He said there were Federal Transportation funds available, which would have to be matched by the Town, but was managed by the state.He believed there was willingness from NRPC to engage in something.He said that Mr. Williams suggested a meeting with Mr. Singleakis and the Selectmen to review the traffic proposal.Mr. McDevitt said that NRPC had wanted to meet with the Selectmen to discuss a study performed that noted there were certain roads that were either at or over capacity.Mr. Farris said they could be added to the agenda whenever they were available.Mr. Lynde asked if the Planning Department was aware of the roads mentioned by NRPC.Mr. McDevitt was unsure.


Mr. McDevitt said he attended a Budget Committee meeting in which they voted 7-3 in favor to withdraw the funds to complete the work on Spring Street Extension.He made a motion, which asked the Budget Committee to send a letter to the DRA.Mr. MacQueen will contact Mr. LaVallee to coordinate.


Mr. McDevitt discussed the format of the budget and said he would discuss with Mr. MacQueen and Mr. Blanchette.


Mr. McDevitt said he had received a call from a person who noticed a loose bolt on the play equipment and wanted to know if it was routinely checked for such things.Mr. MacQueen will contact Mr. Bob Tryon.


Mr. Farris said that the opening day for Little League was enjoyed by all.He thanked the people that coordinated the event.He said that CIP forms were being submitted and asked if anyone had not yet submitted their form, they should do so.Mr. Farris said that the deadline for budgets with warrant articles was between June 1st and 16th.He asked that the departments include a column for incoming revenue, which would help the review offset revenues.




(McDevitt/Lynde) To seal the minutes of the non-public session indefinitely.




(5 - 0 - 0) The motion carries.




MOTION:†††††††††† (Derby/Lynde) To adjourn the meeting.


VOTE:†††††††††††††††† (5- 0 - 0) The motion carries.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:40 pm.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Respectfully submitted,


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