November 19, 2002

APPROVED – November 26, 2002






Mr. Greg Farris, Mr. Harold Lynde, Mr. William McDevitt, Mr. Richard Derby


Also present:



Mr. Tom Gaydos, Town Administrator, members of the press and general public.


Mr. Jean-Guy Bergeron (who was attending a Municipal Water District meeting in Nashua, NH.)



Chairman Farris opened the meeting at approximately 6:30 pm. 




November 12, 2002



(Derby/McDevitt) To approve the November 12, 2002 minutes as amended.




(3 - 0 - 1) The motion carries.  Mr. Farris abstained.


The amendments to the minutes were as follows: page 2, 1st paragraph within the motion - the word ‘authority’ shall be stricken from the motion.  page 2, the word ‘should’ will replace the word ‘would’ in the sentence reading “...that building should have sufficient room for storing evidence...”.  page 2, the word ‘change-orders’ shall be added to the sentence reading “The request being made was for change-orders’ in the amount of $12,152.”  page 5, 1st paragraph add the words ‘Safety Committee’ to the sentence “....would be discussed during the next Safety Committee meeting November 20, 2002....”.  page 5 the word ‘triangulate’ shall be replaced with ‘perambulate’ within the sentence reading “...had to perambulate its boundaries and verify the markers.” 








Historical Society Request


Mr. Philip Currier, President of the Historical Society, along with other members of the Historical Society met with the Selectmen to discuss the preservation and possible use of the Library building.  He provided a brief history of the Library and noted that when vacated, it would be the first time, since the year 1896 that the building would no longer be in use as a library.  It was believed that the Library was one of the most historical buildings in Town and the reason it would fit with the mission of the Historical Society.  Mr. Currier said when the building was vacant, the Historical Society would like to make it their home, for meetings, seminars, storage of historical materials and agriculture equipment.  He requested that the Selectmen bring forth a warrant article for Town meeting in March.  He provided two warrant article drafts as options for wording.  It was preferred by the Historic Society to have a long-term lease ($1 per year), which would be preferred by possible donors. 


Mr. Lynde felt the use of the Library for the Historical Society was the perfect use of the building.  He asked who would be responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, heating, lighting, etc. of the building.  Mr. Currier said it was preferred to have the Town be paid for under the Town Buildings budget since 1) the Town could get better cost savings for utilities, and 2) the usage would be nominal.  He said any major repairs should be done by the landlord.  The details would still need to be discussed.  Mr. Currier said that the Society would insure the contents and believed the Town would also carry certain insurance.  The Society hoped that the Town would see fit to include the utilities and plowing. 


Mr. McDevitt also believed that the use of the Library by the Historical Society was an excellent use.  He would prefer that the Town not have any associated costs with the Library, but recognized that the Society was not wealthy and would prefer that an agreement was reached.  Mr. Currier suggested the possibility of a three-year term, at the end of which, financial responsibility could be reviewed. 


Mr. Gaydos informed that the furnace and air conditioning in the building would need attention and should be reviewed.  Mr. Farris felt the building should be maintained by the Town, since it was still owned by the Town.  Mr. Gaydos said that repair costs had not been considered within the budget. 


Mr. Currier said that some parts of the interior the Society would want to maintain, such as the woodwork and plaques.  He said they did not intent to go into the building and move walls right away.  He said one of the first things for review would be isolating a small room for certain documents that needed humidity control.  Mr. Farris believed that using the Library for the Historical Society would be a benefit to the Society and the Town.  He said anything needing to be done should not be difficult to work out.


Mr. Currier handed the Selectmen possible drafts of a warrant article for review.  Mr. Gaydos said that the reason the use had to go before Town vote was due to a muli-year commitment.  Mr. Currier said that there would be money associated for the utilities and insurance for the second half of the year.  Mr. Gaydos said that the Town would insure the building.  Mr. Lynde suggested scheduling a public hearing.  Mr. Farris said that there may be questions regarding the Town’s responsibilities, so the answers should be researched.  Mr. McDevitt said that the Budget Committee had reviewed the building and believed that money was left in the account for utilities. 


There was a brief discussion regarding Mr. Currier’s presentation.  Mr. Currier said that a format of a lease should be drafted and items of interest could be further discussed.  He said if the Budget Committee had any questions, he would be willing to attend their meeting. 


Mr. Derby asked if all the artifacts would fit into the building.  Mr. Currier said that agriculture equipment had been donated and was unsure if all the items would fit.  He then discussed the Town Hall building and said that it would be a wonderful museum.  He provided a brief history of the Town Hall and said that thought could start being given to its possible uses.  Mr. Gaydos said one of the possibilities was to lease the space out to a commercial endeavor.  He felt a museum should be considered. 


After a discussion among the Selectmen it was decided that the Selectmen should provide Mr. Gaydos with their thoughts and ideas by the end of the week.  Mr. Currier said that he could submit the framework of a lease.  Mr. Gaydos felt that a presentation could be given to the Selectmen at the first meeting in December, so that a public hearing could then be scheduled. 


Ms. Eleanor Burton asked that the Selectmen consider discussing the usage of the Town Hall with the Historical Society.  Mr. Farris believed that one of the charges of the Municipal Building Committee would be to review the Town buildings and their possible uses. 


Fire Inspector/Firefighter


Fire Chief David Fisher discussed the appointment of Mr. John Ignatowicz as a Fire Inspector.  He said that Mr. Ignatowicz held three degrees and believed he was well qualified for the position.  He said there would be a six month probation period.  Chief Fisher said that he reviewed a plan with Mr. Gaydos to work with the job description.  He said that there had been a meeting with the Planning Director to set up a plan regarding code enforcement.  He said any dealings with land use would begin in the Planning Department and then be forwarded directly to the Fire Department and then to Mr. Ignatowicz for review.  Any further action would be reported to the Planning Director. 


Mr. Gaydos said that during the process, the Planning Director, Ms. Amy Alexander interviewed Mr. Ignatowicz and felt he possessed the necessary qualifications.  Mr. Farris asked if Mr. Ignatowicz would have a learning curve regarding zoning.  Chief Fisher said that Mr. Ignatowicz would need to better familiarize himself with zoning.  Mr. Gaydos discussed the job duties and said that a tracking system would be in place. 


Mr. Lynde was disappointed that there was no paperwork circulated regarding the plan.  Mr. Gaydos said there had been an oversight. 


There was a brief discussion regarding department heads hiring their staff.  The Chief believed that a plan was in place in accordance with the expectations of the position.  He said a tracking system had been created to ensure proper enforcement of the codes. 


Mr. Farris believed that the Selectmen should discuss department heads hiring staff so that a formal policy could be established.  Mr. Gaydos said an agenda item would be added to the next meeting. 


Mr. Lynde asked if Mr. Ignatowicz would be starting at the base salary.  Chief Fisher answered yes. 



(Lynde/McDevitt) To hire Mr. John Ignatowicz as the full-time Fire & Code Inspector/Firefighter, with the normal six-month probation period, effective November 18, 2002. 




(4 - 0 - 0) The motion carries. 


Fire Chief David Fisher - Fire Truck


Fire Chief David Fisher updated the Selectmen regarding Engine 6 and noted that the Fire Department had a new truck being worked on per an approved warrant article.  He said that the tank for Engine 6 had rotted out and would cost approximately $5000 - $6000 to replace.  Chief Fisher said that he called surrounding Towns for spare truck availability, unfortunately there were none.  He researched the possibility of leasing a truck, but the cost was too great.  He said he reviewed purchasing a used vehicle, but they carried no guarantees.  Chief Fisher ended by saying that he worked out a temporary emergency response system with Windham, Hudson and Salem, which should carry the Town until the new truck was completed.  He said he was placing pressure on the trucking company to go out to bid for the new truck assembly, which would take approximately 90-days once the bid was awarded.        


Fire Chief David Fisher - First Response Federal Grant Money


Fire Chief David Fisher said that while the Government was deciding upon a Homeland Security plan there was money available to Fire and Police Departments for first responder equipment.  He said that he received paperwork, reviewed it with Mr. Gaydos, filled it out, and sent it in.  Since that time, Chief Fisher received a letter informing that the Federal Government would be sending the Town $14,084 to fit the Fire and Police Department with equipment for home security.  He said the money was basically a grant, but all the Department had to do was purchase the equipment and return the invoices for reimbursement.  He said all associated costs for equipment and training would be covered, but informed that the Police Department’s salaries during the training were not covered. 


There was a brief discussion regarding the equipment and the decontamination process.  The Fire Chief said that once the equipment was decontaminated, it would be disposed of. 


Mr. Lynde asked if any strings were attached to the money.  Chief Fisher said he read the letter several times and did not see any.   



(Lynde/Derby) To accept the Federal Government grant of $14,084 to purchase equipment that may be necessary for use by emergency responders.




(4 - 0 - 0) The motion carries. 


Chief Fisher asked that the Selectmen allow him to provide information for a warrant article he would be presenting at the next meeting.  While the Fire Chief was setting up his presentation, Mr. Gaydos reviewed the following items. 




Mr. Gaydos informed that he received word from Superintendent Bruce Mason of the Transfer Station regarding a problem with the trailers used to haul out refuse.  He said that the Town was currently using 75-yard trailers, which were being overused.  He said one solution was to obtain a 100-yard transfer trailer, in addition to the two 75-yard trailers.  He said estimates had been obtained and the recommendation was to have a 5-year lease/purchase agreement.


Mr. Lynde asked if the 75-yard trailers were leased or owned.  Mr. Gaydos understood that the 75-yard trailers were a lease/purchase and at 10% leases.  He discussed the possibility of a third party lease as another option for financing.  Mr. Farris asked if there was an option for the leasing company to take back one of the 75-yard trailers in exchange for a 100-yard trailer.  Mr. Gaydos said he believed that Mr. Mason had use for the 75-yard trailer.  He said that Mr. Mason would further discuss the issue with the Selectmen.  Mr. Lynde said that he wanted justification for the additional trailer and that he would not support leasing a trailer at 8%. 


Mr. Gaydos said per an approved warrant article, he was seeking approval for improvements at the Transfer Station.  He said the compactor was not designed for the type of use the Town was using it for, and consequently, was overheating.  He said that Mr. Mason reviewed possible solutions and came back with a recommendation to install an oil cooler for $6,548.  Mr. Gaydos said that the money had already been appropriated and once the repair amount was taken out, there would be a balance of $46,000. 


Mr. Farris asked if the compactor was not being used properly.  Mr. Gaydos said that the reason the compactor was overheating was because it was running continuously and not designed to so.     



(McDevitt/Derby) To authorize Mr. Bruce Mason to purchase the continuous oil cooler for the compactor from Maguire Equipment, for the cost of $6,548.




(4 - 0 - 0) The motion carries. 




Mr. Farris asked that Mr. Gaydos review the 2002 warrant articles and determine if any balances needed to be returned.  Mr. McDevitt asked Mr. Gaydos to review the Transfer Station warrant article and see if the cost of the trailer could be covered so there would be no new taxes. 


Mr. Gaydos informed that there were a number of roads that had not yet paid the Town for plowing services.  There was a brief discussion, the Selectmen asked that the roads be read aloud and posted so residents would be made aware of the situation.  The roads that still needed to pay the Town for plowing were as follows: Autumn Street, Keilty Avenue, Litchfield Circle, Irene Drive, Robin Road, Honey Lane, Arlene Drive Extension, Willowvale Avenue, Pete’s Way, Koper’s Lane, Dodge Road, Dogwood Circle, Jones Farm Road, Herrick Circle, Benoit Avenue Extension, Gauthier Way, Golden Brook Drive, Carriage Hill Road, Stonepost Road, Longmeadow Drive, Longview Circle Extension, Holstein Drive Extension. 




Fire Chief David Fisher - Fire Department Needs Analysis


Fire Chief David Fisher showed a Power Point presentation to the Selectmen outlining the Fire Department’s need for additional staff.  The presentation included information regarding the Town’s demographics (including residential and commercial properties), graphs that showed the Town’s continued growth (population and new homes), breakdown by type of call received by the Fire Department and  apparatus & personnel requirements per NFPA 1500 and 1710 as well as OSHA 1910.134 standards and requirements, which the Town was trying to meet.  Chief Fisher discussed the number of personnel needed and heightened that emergency medical response was also needed.  He said that there were a number of on-call firefighters, but they were mainly available at night and on weekends. 


There was a discussion regarding how additional personnel would be used in accordance with standards and regulations of NFPA.  The Fire Chief said that the request would be for three additional people in 2003, and a request for four people in 2004.  He said that he would present the costs at the scheduled meeting for next week. 


The Selectmen discussed the current warrant article requests and the need to have them prioritized.  Mr. Gaydos will provide the Selectmen with the warrant article list.   




Municipal Building


Commercial dishwasher - Mr. Gaydos said that the commercial dishwasher station had value.  He said he had been approached by someone who would like to bid on the machine.  He proposed that sealed bids be requested and opened at the December 3rd meeting.  There was a brief discussion regarding Mr. Jim Nagel of Chunky’s Cinema and his interest in the dishwasher.  It was decided if Mr. Nagel was interested in the machine, he could give the Town the amount he felt it was worth, and remove the dishwasher.  Mr. Gaydos said he would coordinate the removal with Bread Loaf. 


Overseeing building construction - Mr. Gaydos said that there were more and more areas that needed oversight.  He said that Planning Director Amy Alexander was working directly with the Bread Loaf’s project manager to create a tracking system. 


Roadway/Driveway - Mr. Gaydos said that there were ongoing discussions regarding the driveway entrance.  He reviewed the discussion from the previous meeting where it was suggested to remove the meeting house foundation.  He asked that the Selectmen make a decision regarding the foundation so that the roadway plans could be continued. 


Mr. Lynde believed the foundation was a historical structure and would like it preserved.  He suggested partially filling in the foundation.  Mr. McDevitt noted that Mr. Bergeron expressed his opinion at the previous meeting, which was contrary to what Mr. Lynde expressed.  Mr. McDevitt said that the foundation was in the way, but agreed with Mr. Lynde’s opinion to preserve it.  He discussed the importance of having the foundation for people to view.  He said that the Building Committee would review the issue at their next meeting, which Ms. Jan Becker of Breadloaf would be attending.   


There was a consensus of the Selectmen to preserve the foundation.  Mr. Gaydos said that the road would be designed with the foundation in its current location. 


Bids - Mr. McDevitt reviewed the bid for stonewalls and said there was a question regarding stones being brought on site, which would be reviewed, because there were already stones on site.  Mr. Gaydos suggested waiting to award the stonewall bid.  Mr. Derby believed the stones on site should be adequate for what needed to be done. 


The bid recommendations were reviewed as follows:

2d - landscaping, trees and shrubs - Outside Unlimited (bid includes one-year maintenance/2 year warranty).  Mr. Farris said there had been inquiries regarding the dedication and/or donation of trees.  There was a brief discussion and it was concluded that there would be an opportunity for people to donate trees. 

6c - interior finish carpentry, mill work - Salisbury Woodworks

7a - insulation - Builders Insulation

9b - ceramic tile - Infinity Flooring

9c - acoustical ceilings - Tri-State Acoustical - Mr. McDevitt informed that the tin ceiling was not salvageable and would be removed.  Mr. Lynde asked if there was any value to the ceiling.  Mr. McDevitt said he requested that it be bagged and saved.  Mr. Gaydos said it may be difficult to remove the ceiling so it would be salvageable. 

9d - carpet, resilient flooring, mats and vinyl base - ABC Flooring Specialist

9e - painting - Carr Associates

10 - specialties - Mr. McDevitt noted that Mr. Gaydos suggested waiting since only one bid was received. 



(McDevitt/Derby) To award the bids as presented.




(4 - 0 - 0) The motion carries. 


Change of scopes - Mr. McDevitt said that a question had been raised regarding the possible need to install a water line to go from the school to the village green.  He said a scope of work change had been noted to excavate, pipe and backfill across the road to the village green.  He said there were three waterline pipe options.  Mr. Walter Kosik, Town Plumbing Inspector reviewed the options and, in his opinion felt that polyethylene water line ($1922) should be sufficient.  The Selectmen realized that further discussion would be needed regarding sprinkling the village green, but felt it was important to install the line now, due to the expense of installing later. 



(McDevitt/Derby) To approve the scope change order in the amount of $1922 for polyethylene water line.




(4 - 0 - 0) The motion carries. 


Alternate Police parking - Mr. McDevitt reminded the Selectmen that a discussion was needed regarding the alternate Police parking.


Scope change for Police  - Mr. McDevitt informed that the Selectmen needed to vote regarding a scope change for the concrete pad, excavation and rebar for the 70ft. Police communications tower.  There was a brief discussion, which lead to the following vote:



(McDevitt/Lynde)  To approve the scope change for the base of the Police communications tower in the amount of $8577. 




(4 - 0 - 0) The motion carries. 


Basketball goals/scoreboard - Mr. McDevitt said that the basketball goals and scoreboard needed to be removed. 


Emergency generator - Mr. McDevitt said that there would be a discussion coming forward regarding an emergency generator.  He said that the Police Chief was researching.  Mr. Farris believed the work should be done while Breadloaf was on the job. 


Miscellaneous - Mr. McDevitt said that a public tour of the building was held and went smoothly.  He informed that the Building Committee would hold a meeting November 20, 2002.  He said that there was deed a requirement to have a line of trees planted between the Mills property and the houses behind it.  He said that the state nursery had trees available and should be ordered in January or February. 


Mr. McDevitt said that there was an accumulation of doors that needed to be disposed of. 


Mr. McDevitt reminded the Selectmen that a decision needed to be made regarding the space for cable TV.  He believed that the left side of the kitchen would be sufficient.  He said there needed to be a discussion with the Technical Group regarding their needed space.  Mr. Lynde discussed the recommendations brought forward by the Technical Group.  The Selectmen discussed the technical plan presented by Mr. Victor Danevich and the space needed for the computer room within the Municipal Building.  Mr. Farris said he had requested a summary of the technology plan in order of priority, which he had not yet received. 


Mr. Gaydos was concerned with considerations that may not have been given to the specific software that the department heads would be using.  He said the Town should have a policy in place regarding loading software onto the computer system.  Mr. Lynde clarified that the Technical Group would not recommend the type of software the Town should use.  He said the group would ensure that the infrastructure was capable of handling whatever software the Town wanted to use.  Mr. Farris said he previously requested if any other person was to be added to the group, that they would be knowledgeable about software.  The Selectmen need to decide the location of the computer room so that Breadloaf could continue.  Mr. Lynde said that the Technical group would be meeting and would include Mr. Gaydos in their discussions. 


Mr. Gaydos discussed the need for furniture for the Municipal side of the building.  He said that he had researched a few companies that were liquidating their inventory and noted that there were certain lots of available furniture.  He did not know what would be available after Town meeting and asked for the Selectmen’s guidance.  The Selectmen discussed the furniture and wanted to ensure there was continuity with what was being purchased.  Mr. Gaydos was told by the Selectmen to choose the furniture, and inform the Planning Board of the cost.  Having Mr. Gaydos purchase the all the furniture at one time will ensure that it coordinates.  Mr. McDevitt didn’t feel that the money for the furniture should come from the bond fund.  He said it may be able to be taken from the operating budget, if the funds were available.       




Tax bills


Mr. Gaydos informed that the anticipated completion of the tax bills would be by Friday, at which point they would be sent out.  He recommended that next year the Town use a self-mailer to save time. 


Tax rate $25.85


Mr. Farris informed that the Selectmen met with the Department of Revenue and the tax rate had been set for $25.85, which was $2.35 over last year’s rate.  He said that the Town’s rate was $3.98, the local school rate was $12.14, the state school rate was $7.43 and the county rate was $2.30. 






(4 - 0 - 0) The motion carries. 




Mr. Lynde informed that the Technical Group would be meeting Wednesday night.   He said that a public hearing should be scheduled for December 10, 2002 to discuss the Forestry Management Plan for the Sherburne School/Mills property.  He said that he would notify Mr. Dan Cyr as well as the abutters. 


Mr. Derby reminded people to contact their builders to ensure funds were submitted to the Town for plowing. 


Mr. McDevitt said that the Garden Club was preparing to do the Christmas tree lights in the common.  He noted that the Budget Committee meetings were moving along and would be voting on the schools this week. 


Mr. Farris asked that the Selectmen think about the Town Report dedication.  He said that there were a couple thoughts for the cover that would be discussed later.  He said he would like to come to a resolution regarding the Coombs Junkyard license.  Mr. Gaydos will follow up.  Mr. Farris reminded the Selectmen that there would be an Eagle Scout presentation at Harris’ Inn, Sunday at 1pm. 





(Lynde/McDevitt) To adjourn the meeting.




(4 - 0 - 0) The motion carries. 


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:45 pm.

                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                          Charity A. L. Willis

                                                                                          Recording Secretary