December 23, 2002

APPROVED – January 21, 2003






Mr. Greg Farris, Mr. Harold Lynde (arrived after the meeting had commenced), Mr. Jean-Guy Bergeron, Mr. William McDevitt, Mr. Richard Derby


Also present:



Mr. Tom Gaydos, Town Administrator, members of the press and general public.




Chairman Farris opened the meeting at approximately 6:00 pm. 




December 17, 2002 - deferred to the next scheduled meeting.








PUBLIC HEARING by the Board of Selectmen and Conservation Commission for the purpose of expending $50,000 from the Pelham Conservation Fund for the purchase of the ‘Conservation Parcel” as designated on a Subdivision Plan for Map 30 Lot 011 Parcel 254, Dutton Road, Pelham, NH approved by the Pelham Planning Board on December 2, 2002 until grant or private funds are available in which case said funds will be reimbursed to the Pelham Conservation Fund.


Mr. Farris explained that there had been an ongoing discussion concerning the parcel.  He said that the Town had agreed to pay $150,000, and the residents in the area had agreed to pay $100,000.  He said there had been a request that the Conservation Commission place $50,000 in an escrow account until an LCHP grant of $50,000 had been received in February.  In the event that the grant was not awarded, the residents had an alternate plan to raise the additional monies. 




Mr. Gaydos informed that the Conservation Commission would be convening during the Selectmen’s meeting to discuss the proposal and take a formal vote. 


Ms. Julia Steed-Mawson, 17 South Shore Drive informed that a site walk had been performed with the LCHP fund staff.  She said there were 52 applicants remaining, of which Pelham was one.  She said that favorable comments had been received, but the results would not be known until February 14, 2003.  Mr. Farris explained that of the fifty-two, a few towns would be selected to receive grants, not just one.  Ms. Steed-Mawson discussed the competing proposals and believed that the Town had certain items that would be viewed as favorable.  She said that additional information regarding the budget would be provided to the LCHP staff on January 3, 2003.  Mr. Farris said that the Selectmen would be happy to provide any information that would help the project along.     


Conservation Chairman Bob Yarmo, Conservation Vice Chairman Sanjay Kikkad, and Ms. Sandy Kupcho held a brief session, and took a formal vote to approve the withdrawal of the $50,000 from the Conservation Fund. 



(Kikkad/Kupcho) To appropriate the additional $50,000 from the Conservation Fund for the project.




(3 - 0 - 0) The motion carries. 


Mr. Farris explained that the $50,000 would be returned to the Conservation Fund with the receipt of the grant monies, or otherwise. 



(Kikkad/Kupcho) To support the proposal to withdraw $50,000 from the Conservation Fund, with the understanding that the monies would be returned after grant money was received, or otherwise. 




(4 - 0 - 0) The motion carries. 




Municipal Building


Mr. Gaydos provided an update of the scope of work change list, which included approved items, as well as items being recommended for approval.  He asked that the Selectmen review for the next meeting.   


Wiring - Mr. Gaydos discussed the MDF room, and concluded after lengthy meetings (with Mr. Victor Danevich, and Mr. Lynde) that the room adjacent to the Park and Recreation Department would be the ideal location.  He said that the kitchen had been reviewed, but did not know where the cost of moving the wiring for the air conditioning, as well as other improvements would come from.  Mr. Gaydos asked for the approval to have Breadloaf do the drawings.  Mr. McDevitt wanted to ensure that the Technical Staff approved of the location.  Mr. Farris said his concern was leaving Park and Recreation with adequate space.  Mr. Bergeron asked if there was room for Park and Recreation to expand.  Mr. Farris said that Park and Recreation would have to move completely if they found they needed more room.  Mr. Gaydos said that there was an open meeting room available if needed, but could not be dedicated to any one individual. 


There was a consensus of the Selectmen to allow Mr. Gaydos proceed with the next phase of bidding out the wiring.  Mr. Gaydos said that once the designs were finalized, and RFP would be put out. 


Water District


Mr. Bergeron informed that he attended a regional meeting in which a final draft of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was composed.  He provided the Selectmen with a copy for review.  He said that the next meeting was scheduled for January 10, 2003 at 6:30pm.  He also provided copies of the regional water district warrant article, in which a line had been added, which read ‘no impact on the municipal budget or property tax rate, as a result of this warrant article’.  Mr. Farris read the revised warrant article aloud (option A, as provided by Mr. Bergeron).  Mr. Bergeron discussed the other option provided on the handout.   



(Bergeron/Derby) To approve the warrant article for Towns with Selectmen government, shown as option A, as revised December 19, 2002, subject to Town Counsel (Soule, Leslie, et al. review). 




(4 - 0 - 0) The motion carries. 




Campbell Road, Andover Street, Gaston Road


Mr. Gaydos informed that the notification for the betterment hearing for Campbell Road, Andover Street and Gaston Road would be sent out and scheduled for the first meeting in January, 2003. 


Mr. Lynde arrived.


Mr. Gaydos asked how the Selectmen would like him to proceed with items such as research of existing survey, engineering design.  He wanted to know if he should get prices, or send out an RFP.  Mr. McDevitt said he would like to see the numbers from an additional company. 


Mr. Derby asked if the waste water design had been completed for Spring Street.  Mr. Gaydos said the design had been completed. 


Mr. Bergeron said he would also like to review at least two prices. 


Mr. McDevitt reminded Mr. Gaydos that January 21, 2003 would be the deadline for a public hearing for borrowing over $100,000.  He informed that the Budget Committee would be holding their public hearing for the budget on January 21, 2003.  He suggested that the Selectmen meet prior to the Budget Committee’s meeting, as they had done in the past.   




Mr. Derby asked that a meeting be set with the DOT to discuss the Town center study and find out what direction they favor.  There was a brief discussion regarding the research previously done and the need to determine the future of the Fire Station building.  Mr. Bergeron and Mr. Derby will serve as a committee of two to contact the DOT.  Mr. Lynde said an additional factor to be considered was the I93 widening project.  Mr. Bergeron believed there would possibly be state funding available.  Mr. Gaydos said that he would contact the DOT and provide them with a copy of the report. 




Mr. Gaydos informed that two petition warrant articles had been received: 1) postpone school opening until after Labor Day - signatures to be verified by Town Clerk, then petition will be forwarded to School District, 2) to raise $2,000,000 for the Conservation Commission - signatures to be verified by Town Clerk. 


Mr. Bergeron reminded that the Transfer Station hours for December 24th & December 31st would be 8am - 3pm.  He noted that the brush pile would be open until January 4, 2003.


Mr. Lynde had no report.


Mr. McDevitt said that the Good Neighbor Fund provided the name of a family, which he gave the red wagon to (as shown at the previous meeting).  He said that the Planning Board was waiting for confirmation of a date to meet with the Selectmen.  Mr. Farris said that he spoke with Planning Board Chairman, Victor Danevich and requested that information be provided at least a week prior to the meeting so that the Selectmen had an opportunity to review. 


Mr. Derby had no report.   


Mr. Farris said that the Police Department wished everyone a safe and happy holiday.  He said the Police asked that people remain diligent when out and about. 





(Derby/McDevitt) To adjourn the meeting.




(5 - 0 - 0) The motion carries. 


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:00pm.

                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                          Charity A. L. Willis

                                                                                          Recording Secretary