MARCH 11, 2006

Approved April 18, 2006


Chairman Danevich called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM in the parking lot of the Raymond Park Lodge.  Present were Chairman Danevich and Selectmen Lynde, Gleason, and Domenico.  Also present were Joseph Gauthier, Geoff Detelis, Administrator Gaydos, Recreation Director McCarthy, and Fire Chief Fisher.  The meeting quickly moved around the park during which the following was discussed.


At the site of the old trolley bed an area was observed that had washed out.  Discussion took place about removing the bed and relocating the connecting road further upland.  Below the old bed was identified as an excellent location for a water retention pond. 


The group moved north to an area of severe erosion.  It is also an area where tree stumps had been placed to block what was formerly a portion of Baldwin Hill Road.  The blockage was to impeded 4-wheelers from the area.  Chief Fisher felt the blockage should be removed and another method employed to block the roadway.


The area of the two proposed fields was observed: one being on a higher elevation than the other, larger, full sized field.  An impediment to making the smaller field on the same level was an outcropping of ledge.  Methods of moving the fields were discussed which involved blasting.   It was agreed that the project needed to result in one, full sized soccer field.


The area of the tire dump was observed.  It is a good location for a water retention area and is in close proximity to three phased electricity.  The option of extending an egress through the area an on to Mammoth Road was discussed.  The tires would need to be properly disposed of after excavation as they are a fire hazard if stacked. 


Discussion took place regarding the main roadway to the property and moving it to the west.  This would leave room for an additional, full sized field.  Timber and gravel resources would be a byproduct of this construction.


The twin culvert area along Baldwin Hill Road was reviewed.  The culverts could be removed and a foot bridge installed but this would eliminate one vehicular access route.  The concept of a Class A walking path was discussed as this would be handicapped accessible and of a gentle slope. 


The Selectmen agreed a master plan of the park needs to be generated on paper and completed before work started.  Gauthier and Detelis agreed to create drawings of the area agreed upon as the first phase.  Gaydos and McCarthy would then work with them to document plans and objectives for this phase. 


The meeting closed at 9:50 AM.