March 23, 2006

Approved April 18, 2006



Harold Lynde called the meeting to order at 3:15 PM.  Present were Selectmen Gleason and Domenico as well as Joe Gauthier, Darren McCarthy, and Tom Gaydos.  Mr. Danevich arrived at 3:25 PM.  Note was made the meeting was duly posted and open to the public.


The Board discussed the importance of a master plan and what work would occur in what order and in what year.  Funding is to be matched with planned expenses.  Note was made that operational costs once the facility is completed should be documented and budgeted.


A letter from Joe Gauthier was reviewed as was correspondence from Gaydos and McCarthy.  Those documents are a part of these minutes.


It was agreed the fill materials should be brought in and placed by Gauthier for a price not to exceed $124,000.  Mr. Zohdi would be engaged to complete the engineering work for the drainage.  Mr. Gauthier would commence marketing gravel and is authorized to remove it for sale.  Permits for the creation of the fire suppression pond would be acquired through the use of an engineer. 


A construction management contract between the Town and Mr. Gauthier will be crafted and ready for the Tuesday Selectmen’s meeting.  There was mutual consensus to authorize Mr. Gauthier to commence work at the park and to approve a price not to exceed $269,000 contingent upon approval of the final contract agreement. 


Lynde moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:15 PM, seconded by Gleason and the vote was unanimous.