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As of August 13, 2012

Posted 08/15/12

With the Summer still in full stride, it’s no time for forget about applying plenty of mosquito repellant when going outdoors. The state announced that although no humans have tested positive for West Nile virus, the number of mosquitos testing positive is way up from last year.  Communities having those positive tests are Manchester, Nashua Salem and Dracut, Massachusetts.  No positive tests have been reported from Pelham batches sent to the state.

The new Fire Station construction is progressing on time. Current areas of concentration erecting the Insulated Concrete Form walls at the apparatus bay,  pouring concrete footings and slab for the administrative section, compacting soils in preparation of paving, forming the communication tower base and preparing for propane tank delivery.  The Cable TV/Technology department is arranging for a 4” conduit to be installed for communication needs.

Paving projects continue for the Highway Department as they have completed Sullivan Rd., Holstein Dr., Gibson Rd., Livingston Rd., Currier Rd., Primrose Ln., Hickory Hill Rd., and Greeley Rd.  To finish these roads the shoulders need to be filled which the crew will be doing soon.

A recent increases in auto accidents has Pelham Police on the lookout for drivers texting while driving. Several texting related accidents have occurred recently with one head-on collision where it is highly suspected both operators were texting.  Patrols have also been successful in alcohol and drug related arrests and associated crimes.  It has been a busy summer for them. 


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