Pelham Skate Park Committee

        - A place for skateboarder's, BMX Bikes and in-line skater's

Now Open!!!  The project is now fully funded!!!

Featuring a 6 foot full half pipe, 8 foot 1/4 pipe, and a 7 foot vertical wall

All at no cost to the taxpayer to boot!

Official Rules and Regulations as adopted by the Board of Selectmen

12/22/2005 Lighting Equipment Arrives at Skate Park

06/11/2005 Opening Day Ceremony

06/05/2005 construction photos



Project Status


As of 6/11/05, the skate park is open for use.  Be safe and have fun!


The Pelham Skate Park Committee (35 students) has been dormant since November 2003 as the group leaders continued to raise funds and worked with contractors on construction.  Our main source of funding has come from two grants from the Hillsborough County Commissioners for $64,000. 



Form Committee Completed November 2003
Create goals, objectives and design Completed November 2003
Determine funding methods Completed November 2003
Harley Fund raiser Completed April 2004
Apply for grants Completed May 2004
Site preparation Completed June 2004
100' x 100' paving Completed June 2004
Complete formal RFP for vendors Completed February 2005
BOS Award BID Completed March 2005 (Awarded to BASR for $55,000)
Determine lighting fund raisers ($15k needed) Completed April 2005
Begin Construction Completed Started April 1st 2005
Complete Skate Park Construction Completed June 11, 2005
Delivery of Lighting Completed December 2005
Complete Lighting Construction Completed 2010
Complete Emergency Shelter Completed Spring 2007 - Donated

Project Financials


Here is our breakdown on how we raised funds to build the skate park. All funding has been raised through fund raisers, grants and cash donations.  No money for any part of this project has been raised local taxes.





Grant #1 - Fall 2004 Hillsborough County Commissioners $47,000  
Grant #2 - Fall 2006 Hillsborough County Commissioners $17,000  
Fundraiser - Harley Raffle (Click here) $33,000  
Lighting Fundraiser Goal of $15,000 (3 contributors as of 6/5/2005) $2,250  
Donations $150  

Revenue sub-total



Harley Raffle Payout ($15,000)  
Site preparation - grading site ($1,000)  
Paving 100' x 100' area (labor donated) ($8,900)  
Skate Park Construction ($55,000)  
Rule Sign ($250)  
Lighting (estimated cost $11,500) ($11,500)  
Emergency Shelter (A small pavilion with a roof to seek refuge during an electrical storm) (estimated cost ($5,000 - target sprint 2006) 0


Security camera ($2,500 - target fall 2005) 0  

Expenses sub-total


Remaining Budget for project


Money needed to complete project


Total Project Cost:



Lighting and Emergency Shelter


A $17,000 grant was received in the fall of 2005 for lighting and the emergency shelter.  Due to recent violent electrical storms, the emergency shelter is a place for the kids and parents to duck under during rain down pours or lighting.


Skate Park Request for Proposal

RFP Awarded on 3/15/05

Qualified bidders were invited to submit a design / build proposal for the skate park in accordance with the attached RFP.  Bids were due March 4th, 3:00pm EST.  The winning bidder was notified on Tuesday, March 15th, 2005.


Download the Skate Park RFP by Clicking Here


Winning RFP Design and Bid

Awarded to BASR (Bike and Skateboard Ramps) of Derry NH

by action of the Board of Selectmen on 3/15/05

Fixed price contract: $55,000