Skate Park Harley or $15,000 Raffle Fundraiser Date Change NOTICE

Why the date change?

The intent has always been to conduct the raffle in a public forum on a date easy to remember.  The Skate Park Committee decided to shoot for April 13th - near tax day of April 15th - and to do it in a public meeting - the Board of Selectmen's meeting...which falls on a Tuesday night.  This date was set in December 2003 and tickets were printed.

With the Pelham Police Relief Association's April Madness Fundraiser happening on April 16th, the Police Chief asked us if we would like to add to the festivities by moving the raffle date by 3 days and conduct the raffle, live, onstage, and in front of a larger public forum.

The Skate Park itself will be located right next to the Police basketball courts, so its the synergy between the Skate Park Committee and the Pelham Police Relief Association builds as the vision of a revitalized sports facility begins to take shape to include basketball courts, a skate park for skateboarders, BMX bikes and in-line skaters, and a revitalized softball field that can be utilized for softball and T-Ball.

We hope you understand and we hope to see you on Friday April 16th at the Pelham Police Relief Association's April Madness Fundraiser at the Pelham Fish and Game Club.


Victor Danevich


Pelham Skate Park Committee Chair