Under Construction Photo's from 5/25/05

Remember that the park is not open for use yet.  Please keep off the equipment because it is unsafe for use.  There are still many screws, railings, structure and other components that need to be installed.

Click on any photo to see a high resolution photo.  All photos are about 2-3mb.

Rule sign posted on 6/5/2005

Beginner ramp area

Beginner ramp; diffuculty: easy

Front view of back left ramp area

Front right view of beginner ramp and 6' half pipe

Overview of skate park

Close up of left back ramps

Close up of 7' vertical wall in back left area

Side view of middle section

Close up of BMX bike grind box in back left section

Overview of skate park from back left corner

View from back left section towards front left section

Another view of area from back left section

View of middle section; fun box; spine and other ramps

Another view of middle section

Back right section with 8' ramp

View of middle section ramps from standing on top of the 8' ramp

Another view of area

Another view from the 8' ramp in the back right section