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Council on Aging

bullet About the Organization



The purpose of the Council on Aging is a non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan organization. Its purpose shall be to act as a liaison between the Senior Center of Pelham and the Board of Selectmen and other town boards and committees. The Council on Aging shall be responsible for monitoring a nutrition program and supervise any committee designated to operate it. The Council on Aging shall also be responsible for all income and expenditures of any other funds coming into the Council.


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About the Organization

The Pelham Council on Aging is a group of volunteers appointed by the Board of Selectmen to advise, assist, and support the Pelham Senior Center. The Council's various sub-committees meet as required, and many individuals perform volunteer duties as needed for special events, fundraisers, and Senior Center operations.

The Board of Selectmen appoints one of its Board members as liaison to the Council on Aging.

The regular meeting of the Council on Aging is the first Thursday of each month, except during the months of July and August. Meetings are held at 1:00 PM in the Pelham Senior Center, a public forum is available. The meetings are open to the public.

Pelham Council on Aging provides the following services to our town:

bulletThe Council is responsible for all charitable donations made in the name of the Pelham Senior Center Members.
bulletIt has long been the practice of the Council on Aging to donate money to the Pelham Fire Fighters Association Medical Emergency Fund in memory of deceased members.
bulletThe Council provides flu shots at no cost for any Pelham Senior Citizen member who is not covered by Medicare.
bulletThe Council pays for and provides many enhancements to the Pelham Senior Center for the comfort and benefit of the Senior members at no cost to the Pelham taxpayers.
bulletHave fundraising to defray the cost of special events to Pelham Senior members.


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There are fifteen (15) members on the Council on Aging, a representative of the Board of Selectmen, and the Director of the Senior Center.

The Council on Aging officers for 2009 - 2010 are:

Chairman Vacant
Vice-Chairman Daniel Atwood
Treasurer Gayle Plouffe
Secretary Vacant


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