Pelham Municipal Center

 Tree Donation Program

Village Green Tree Fund

Updated February 19, 2005


    Thirty trees have been planted at the new Municipal Center to compliment existing natural trees and complete the design for the buildings and the new green space. This provided a unique opportunity for families, organizations, or individuals to donate to the tree program. A few trees are still available for this purpose.

    Trees chosen by the landscape architect can live fifty to one hundred years or more. This is a perfect way to contribute to the present and future beauty of the Municipal Center. In return, each donation has been memorialized by a permanent engraved granite marker placed at the chosen tree or trees. 

    The tree donation program will provide funds that will be used for the ongoing maintenance of the trees and the planting of additional trees in the future. Maintenance will include professional treatment to guard against disease and  harmful insects as well as a professional pruning program to shape the trees perfectly for the many years they will be growing. Should a tree need to be replaced, Village Green Tree Fund donations will be used.

     Granite markers have been placed at each dedicated tree. Markers for tree yet to be dedicated may have up to three lines engraved. There is no extra cost for engraving. Inscriptions will, of course, be chosen by the donors. To preserve the open look of the green space, markers will be placed flush with the ground. 

       Below is a picture of each tree followed by a description of the tree, where it will be planted, and the donation requested for each tree (includes engraved granite marker). Note that the sizes in the descriptions are the typical mature size, not the size of the trees as planted.  When first planted, the trees will be younger but appropriately sized for beauty and long-term survival. The locations of the trees described below are approximate and are intended as a guide to the location.  Click on Where and How to Donate for further information. 

    If you would a permanent memorial to someone but don't see something there that suits you, please contact the Selectmen's office at 635-8233.



Crabapple "Snowdrift", Malus,    20' high to 20' wide, White flowers growing from pink buds. Dense rounded habit. Five planted across the east side of the municipal building facing Marsh Road. Three hundred dollars each tree.   One tree is still available.

Galaxy Magnolia.jpg (4483 bytes)

Magnolia "Galaxy"- A magnificent spring flowering tree. Rich reddish purple buds open in May exposing 6” pink centers. One at main entrance to the police department and one near the intersection of the north police/municipal offices driveway and Marsh Road. Three hundred dollars each. Thanks to generous donors both trees have been taken. 

Ginko.jpg (21621 bytes)

Ginko "Princeton Sentry" , Ginko Biloba. Pyramidal, 65’high spreading to 25'. One of the most widely recognized of all shade and ornamental trees. The Ginko has existed unchanged on earth for one hundred-fifty million years. One specimen tree to be planted on the south side of the main entrance drive, just beyond the old stone foundation. Seven hundred fifty dollars. Sorry, but the Ginko has been taken by a generous donor.

Beech.jpg (19507 bytes)

"River’s" Beech, Fagus Sylvatica Riversii, 60' high to 60' wide at maturity.   A stately, elegant tree perfect for this large area due to its massive size. A single River's Beech will be planted on the green just to the southwest of center. Seven hundred fifty dollars. Thanks to a generous donor, this tree has been taken.  

Corktree.jpg (28385 bytes)

"Shademaster" Corktree, Phellodendron Amurense, 30' high spreading to 45'. A boldly branched broad spreading tree seen in  in the Arnold Arboretum in Boston and the Morton Arboretum In Chicago.  A single specimen to be planted on the green, near the southwest curve of the main drive. Seven hundred fifty dollars. Thanks to a generous donor, this tree has been taken.

Green Ash.jpg (31233 bytes)

Summit Ash, Fraxinus Pennsylvanica, 55' tall to 30' wide.   An upright spreading tree with large main branches, attractive yellow color in fall. Four around the south and east (front) of the library, four on the north side of the green, shading the municipal and police main entrance parking area. One on Marsh Rd., near the north entrance to the police/public driveway. Four hundred dollars each. One tree on the west side of the library (along the parking area) and two along the main entrance parking area (opposite the Town Hall entrance) are available.

Katsura.jpg (53393 bytes)

Katsura Tree, Cercidiphyllum Japonicum45' high and up to 40' wide.   Attractive formal specimen. A tree of understated elegance, its leaves emerge as a bronzy purple before changing to light green, then blue green. Apricot colored fall leaves give off a pleasant spicy odor. One on the south edge of the main entrance to the municipal offices, one on the same south side but further west (in the area just between the police station and the municipal offices). The Lilac garden will be planted between these two trees. Five hundred dollars each. Thanks to generous donors both trees have been taken.

Yellowwood.jpg (18641 bytes)

American Yellowwood, Cladrastis Kentukea40' high to 35' wide.   The Yellowwood’s white pendulous flowers create one of the most spectacular shows among spring flowering trees. This is a native American tree not commonly planted. Two will be placed on either side of the path leading from the library to the north side of the green. Five hundred dollars each. Both trees have been taken by generous donors.

October Glory Maple.jpg (31333 bytes)

Red Maple "October Glory", Acer Rubrum,  45' high to 40' wide.  Stunning late fall color. Two to be planted near the center of the green.  Five hundred dollars each. Both trees has been taken by generous donors. 

Red Oak.jpg (17024 bytes)

Red Oak, Quercus Rubra75' high to 60' wide. This superb tree, towering in maturity, is widely planted and was chosen for the Arborway in Boston. A line of four of these tall trees will be planted on the green along the south side of the main road. Three hundred dollars each. Thanks to generous donors, two trees have been taken. Two remain. 

Pin Oak.jpg (34875 bytes) 

Pin Oak, Quercus Palustris75' high to 40' wide.  Wonderful specimen with pendulous lower branches. One of America’s most popular shade and street trees. One will be planted on Marsh Rd. nearest to the north police/municipal offices driveway. (This is the area closest to the existing fire station.) Three hundred dollars. Sorry, but thanks to generous donors, this tree has been taken. 

Syringa.jpg (31506 bytes)

Lilac garden, Lilac "Paliban", Syringa Meyeri Paliban. Icy pink flowers bloom heavily and reliably every spring. An arrangement of twelve Lilac shrubs will bloom on the front (south) of the municipal building between the two Katsura trees.   The Lilac garden donation is three hundred dollars. The Lilac Garden has been taken. Many thanks to the generous donors.

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