Capital Improvements Plan Information

Capital Improvements Plan

The preparation and adoption of a Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) is an important part of Pelham's planning process. A CIP aims to identify and resolve deficiencies in existing public facilities and to anticipate and meet future demand for capital facilities based on current and expected population increases and the citizen's use of public services. A CIP is a multi-year schedule that programs a series of municipal projects and their associated costs. Over the seven year period considered by the CIP, the plan shows how the Town should maintain, expand and renovate facilities and services as needed to meet the growing demands of existing and new residents and businesses.

A CIP is an advisory document that can serve a number of purposes, among them:

  • To provide the Town of Pelham with a guide to be used by the Budget Committee, Board of Selectmen, and School Board for their annual budg
  • To provide a forward looking planning tool for the purpose of contributing to the creation of a stable real property tax rate;
  • To aid the Town's elected officials, appointed committees, and department heads in the prioritization, coordination, and sequencing of various municipal and school improvements;
  • To inform residents, business owners and developers of needed and planned improvements;
  • To provide a necessary legal basis for the development and proper administration of the Town's impact fee system (RSA


Capital Improvement Plan approved 8/5/2019

Capital Improvement Plan Spreadsheet approved 8/5/2019