PUBLIC NOTICE: Town of Pelham Mosquito Control Program West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis

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Spraying to control larval mosquitoes will begin on May 27, 2022 in the Town of Pelham. Larval mosquitoes will be controlled in areas such as marshes, salt marshes, red maple swamps, woodland pools, flooded fields, roadside ditches and flooded storm water basins. Mosquito larvae found in street and parking lot catch basins will also be controlled. With the advent of Zika Virus, mosquito populations will be monitored for associated vector mosquitoes.

The primary control agent will be a bacterium larvacide called Vectobac (BTI) or Vectolex (Bs). This environmentally- friendly biological control is very specific to mosquito larvae and is used worldwide in mosquito control. The bacterium is naturally occurring and will not replicate in the environment. Spraying to control larvae will continue as needed until December 15, 2022. Control agents will only be applied where larvae are collected.

Town officials may decide to complete emergency adulticide (bifenthrin) spraying to parks, athletic fields, schools, and other public areas should a public health emergency dictate.

Persons not wishing their properties treated must contact (in writing), Board of Selectmen’s Office, 6 Village Green, Pelham NH, 03076. Information on biological control agents, insecticides, areas likely to be treated or any potential hazards is available upon request to Municipal Pest Management Services, Inc. @ 603-431-0008 or Requests for service can be made on our website

Municipal Pest Management Services, Inc. will provide mosquito control services for the Town of Pelham in 2022.

Michael Morrison, Entomologist

Municipal Pest Management Services, Inc.