Storm Drain Mural Official Contest Rules

Picture of a storm Drain in DC with a mural painted around itClean water initiative logo

Storm Drain Mural Official Contest Rules


Thank you so much for your interest in the Town of Pelham’s Storm Drain Mural Contest! The goal of these murals is to discourage littering and dumping waste into storm drains, through art. Waste and trash are harmful to aquatic species and can lower water quality in our ponds and brooks. When water quality decreases, you lose habitat for sensitive wildlife species and can even take away our ability to safely swim, fish, or play in water. Many little contributions have a massive impact on Pelham’s waterbodies so everyone can make a difference by changing even their smallest actions.

If you have any questions, please contact Dena Hoffman at, 603-508-3000 ext. 3101, or come visit her in the Planning Department between 8AM-4PM Monday through Friday.


  • Submission Deadline: April 21st
  • Winners Notified: April 22nd
  • Painting Date: May 5th
  • Rain Date: May 6th 

Five winners will be chosen for the five mural locations:


  • Pelham Elementary School
  • Pelham High School
  • Common Street
  • Two in the Village Green
Picture of storm water drain mural with fish circling drain



  • Participants must be Pelham residents that are high school age or older.
  • Everyone needs to fill out the volunteer form that acts as a permission slip and photo release form.
  • Do not plagiarize other people’s art, make it your own!
  • Be appropriate.
  • Mural size limit: 1/3 of a parking space.
  • We will provide paint for you. We can supply black, white, blue, red, and yellow.
  • Please submit your art to Dena Hoffman in the Planning Department either in person or via email at
  • We will take physical copies of the artwork itself until 4PM on April 21st or by email until 11:59PM on April 21st.
  • Any submissions sent after 11:59PM will not be considered.
  • Disclaimer: We may ask you to edit your submission if we feel that it is a better fit for a different storm drain than you designed for.
Most importantly, be creative and have fun!
Water drain with mural of otter



Some things to keep in mind:

  • The catch basin at Pelham Elementary School can be looked at from any point of view if you would like to design for this catch basin specifically.
  • The school locations drain directly into Beaver Brook and all locations are in the Beaver Brook watershed.
  • Check out the previous images for inspiration or search “storm drain murals” online for more ideas.

Pelham aquatic wildlife species to consider for your mural:


  • Beaver
  • Blanding’s turtle
  • Great blue heron
  • Mallard duck
This isn’t an exclusive list; other native species are welcome to be used.
stormwater drain with caption of Keep our waterways clean

Common Street picture

Common Street

Common Street picture 2

Common Street

Pelham Elementary School 1

Pelham Elementary School

Pelham Elementary School 2

Peham Elementary School

Pelham High School

Pelham High School

Pelham High School Pic 2

Pelham High School

Village Green Pic 1

Village Green - Parking Lot Middle

Village Green Pic 2

Village Green - Lot Middle

Village Green pic 3

Village Green - Parking Lot Left

Village Green Pic 4

Village Green - Parking Lot Left