Temporary Outdoor Seating for Restaurants

Temporary Outside Seating for Restaurants

On Tuesday May 26th, considering Governor Sununu’s Emergency Order #40, the Pelham Planning Board voted to temporarily suspend its Site Plan oversight until such time as the Governor suspends his emergency orders.

Any restaurant owner interested in seeking permits for outside seating during the Covid 19 Pandemic, in compliance with Governor Sununu’s Emergency Order #40, please read the following description of the permitting and Inspection process:

  1. A building permit is required from the Planning Department (no fee required)
  2. If a tent for the outside seating is planned, a tent permit is required from the Fire Department (no fee required)
  3. A safety inspection by the Health Officer, Fire Department, Police Department, Building Inspector and the Planning Director is required. This will be a single inspection with the Town Officials described above all in attendance (no fee required)
  4. Any planned signage or electrical work will require additional permits. Fees will be required for electrical or sign permits.

If you are interested in seeking approvals for temporary outside seating, please contact Jeff Gowan, Planning Director at 603-508-3084 or at [email protected].  He will answer any questions you may have and coordinate the safety inspection.