The following maps were generated by the Nashua Regional Planning Commission (NRPC) using their Graphic Information System (GIS).  The information depicted on the maps is a composite from SFC Engineering Partnership Inc. 1999, NRPC GIS efforts, USGS efforts and the UNH GRANIT program.  Not all information is 100% up to date and current, therefore should not be construed as complete, up-to-date or used for surveying purposes.  Its only intended purpose is for general reference.


2022 Pelham Assessor's Maps

Please note that our previous maps were discovered to have some scaling issues which caused some properties map sheet to be renumbered to where the predominate amount of the lot resides. The current map and lot numbers should be confirmed prior to submitting any applications, plans, etc. Click here for a list of all affected properties. 


2018 Pelham's Open Space Lands

This map shows Town & State owned properties conserved as open space. 


2018 Pelham Street Index & Addresses Map
This is the map you're looking for. Includes: All known street names as of January 2015.     

2015 Pelham Zoning Map
2006 Trail Map                                      
This map shows Recreational Trails Inventory as of 2006
2008 Conservation Map
Showing conserved land as well as wetlands.

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