Partnering with Parents - Parental Notification

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The Pelham Police Department announces our new "Partnering with Parents" Parental Notification Program.

As part of the Pelham Police Department's ongoing  partnership with the Town of Pelham, The Pelham Police Department has created a voluntary "Parental Notification Program" in which parents can sign up to be automatically contacted should their children come in contact with Pelham Police officers.

After a parent signs up for the program, (forms are available by clicking here, or at the police station), an attempt will be made to notify the parent or guardian via telephone or other means anytime a police officer contacts their child.

Examples would include whenever the child is stopped operating a vehicle or as a passenger in a vehicle, or whenever the child is identified by police officers during routine patrols etc.

The parent will be apprised of the police contact and will be able to ask the notifying officer any questions regarding the matter.

The parental notification program will automatically end on the child's eighteenth birthday.

The philosophy behind the program is to help parents maintain an open line of communication with the Pelham Police department and their children. It allows the parents to be made aware of events that may not normally be communicated to them by their children thereby addressing any issues or questions that you may have with the police department.

If you have any questions in regards to this program please feel free to contact Chief Joseph A. Roark at 603-635-2411 or send email.

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