Capital Improvements Committee

The Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) Committee was re-established by the Planning Board in the spring of 2012 in order to prepare and adopt a CIP for the years 2012 through 2018. The CIP is an important planning document for Pelham; it is essentially a multi-year schedule that programs a series of municipal projects, the associated cost of each, and a rating of the necessity of each such project. To be considered a capital improvement, the project must cost a minimum of seventy five thousand ($75,000) dollars and have a useful life of at least three years. While the CIP is a strictly advisory document, it serves a number of important purposes, including:

• It provides a guide to be used by the Board of Selectmen, Budget Committee, and School Board for their annual budgeting processes (RSA 674:5-8);

• If followed, it provides a forward-looking guide which can contribute to a stable property tax rate:

• It aids the Town’s elected officials, appointed committees, and department heads in the prioritization, coordination, and sequencing of major municipal and school improvements;

• It provides a necessary legal basis for the development and administration of any impact fee system.


Board Members

Name Title
Bill Scanzani Co-Chairman
Andy Ducharme Co-Chairman
Kenneth Dunne Vice Chairman
Jason Croteau Planning Board Representative
Douglas Viger Board of Selectmen Representative
Bruce Couture School Board Representative
Joe Puddister Budget Committee Representative
Steve Caruso Member
Eleanor Burton Member
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