Capital Improvements Committee

The Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) Committee was re-established by the Planning Board in the spring of 2012 in order to prepare and adopt a CIP for the years 2012 through 2018. The CIP is an important planning document for Pelham; it is essentially a multi-year schedule that programs a series of municipal projects, the associated cost of each, and a rating of the necessity of each such project. To be considered a capital improvement, the project must cost a minimum of seventy five thousand ($75,000) dollars and have a useful life of at least three years. While the CIP is a strictly advisory document, it serves a number of important purposes, including:

• It provides a guide to be used by the Board of Selectmen, Budget Committee, and School Board for their annual budgeting processes (RSA 674:5-8);

• If followed, it provides a forward-looking guide which can contribute to a stable property tax rate:

• It aids the Town’s elected officials, appointed committees, and department heads in the prioritization, coordination, and sequencing of major municipal and school improvements;

• It provides a necessary legal basis for the development and administration of any impact fee system.


Board Members

Name Title
Bill Scanzani Co-Chairman
Andy Ducharme Co-Chairman
Kenneth Dunne Vice Chairman
Bruce Couture School Board Representative
Joe Puddister Budget Committee Representative
Steve Caruso Member
Eleanor Burton Member
Harold Lynde CIP/Selectmen's Representative